RP Prompt: A Letter

July 2

Loriwen extracted herself slowly from her bed, rubbing her already mussed hair. Adjusting her top, she sighed lightly. Walking across her main room to the office, she grabbed a piece of parchment and a piece of charcoal. She didn’t trust herself in her half-hungover state with an ink well. Carefully walking across the room again, she entered her bedchamber and sat on the floor under a window, facing her bed.

She looked into her bed from the floor, a rather new and curious sight laying upon it. Her eyes crinkling with both age and tiredness, Loriwen lazily swept her gaze across the form laying in her bed. Nothing scandalous had happened, not in the slightest. Clothes were kept on; in fact, there wasn’t even really anything at all in terms of action. They both passed out in short order from a combination of ale, emotional exhaustion, and general tiredness. The dance was a wonderful success, many people showing up and dancing under the stars.. and it had done a good job of tiring them both out. A small snore escaped the quite passed out man, and her lips curved into a fond smile.

After a long time, she tore her gaze from him and focused on writing a letter. Constantly looking up to make sure he was still asleep, she slowly and deliberately sketched a letter to the man laying in front of her.

Tarlanc, Gaduren, love.

I’ve come to a decision. One that my upbringing is not entirely comfortable with, but one that I know in my heart is right. I do trust you, even this soon. Utterly, completely. Most I know would raise their eyebrows and near shake me to death, but I don’t care anymore. I’m sitting here, watching you.. and that’s all I care about.

But I will ask a small favor of you: I beg you to wait a little longer. I’ve made a decision for myself, and for what I know my heart wants, but I need to talk to someone first. I’ve a visit to them planned for the morning of my birthday, and once that talk is complete, I will be ready. As you said, I will know: for certain, beyond doubt.


Loriwen re-read the letter what seemed like a dozen times, tearing up a little each time she read the sentence about the visit. She left it vague on purpose, given how stupid it would look if she wrote what she really was doing. Oh, hello. I’m going to go visit my father’s grave and talk to him about this private matter first. Is that okay? She sighed lightly to herself, eventually nodding at the paper. She folded it and put it into its envelope, looking up to watch him as she sealed it. Very quietly tip toeing outside, Loriwen put it in the mail box and tip toed back into her house.

Rubbing her eyes, sleep becoming more important than her worries, she stumbled back into the room. She crawled into her bed, slowly snuggling back up next to him. He involuntarily mumbled something incoherent, his arms wrapping back around her. He held her neck an awkward angle, and she frowned. That was going to leave quite a kink in her neck in the morning. Turning her head to minimize the inevitable pain, she softly burrowed her head into his chest, breathing his scent deeply.

Loriwen fell asleep, a content smile on her face.

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