RP Prompts: What To Wear?!

((This is a quick one shot I threw together when Lori received the following letter this afternoon: http://my.lotro.com/laenlis/2010/07/28/letters-to-pinnath-gelin-arrival/. It turned out longer than I expected, but it’s just so cute!))

July 28
6 Long Street, Wildore, Bree-land

Loriwen smiled and stretched carefully by her porch, the sun beating down relentlessly. Her strawberry blonde hair – turned a bit more blonde than strawberry by the summer sun – shined in direct contrast to the rest of her. She was covered in dirt. Covered in dirt, and quite pleased with herself. Giving one final glance and nod of satisfaction to her newly tended garden, she reached into the mailbox. The mail person was here earlier, but she was too busy weeding the blueberries to take it herself. She pulled out a small envelope that she recognized instantly. Turning it over to see the addressing written in an incredibly familiar and strong hand, her heart skipped a beat. Running up the stairs with the precious note, she inevitably tripped. Groaning and hoping that wouldn’t leave a bruise on her shin, she slowly got up and trotted inside.

Sitting right on her table with little regard for the dirt falling off her body, she opened the envelope carefully but quickly. A smile broke out on her face as she began to read the letter, laughing a little at the opening line. Speaking to herself, or perhaps the letter, Loriwen shook her head. “That’s not the kind of thing one should be asking forgiveness for, I think.” Blinking to break out of the slow haze into which she was descending, she began to read the rest of the letter quietly.

A bright smile came on her face as she finished the first paragraph. Oh! How wonderful, his little niece is coming soon! The smile on her face was quickly replaced by one of shock as she read on. Wait. She’s here already? Blinking and re-reading the second half of it, everything registered. She’s here already and he wants me to meet her?! Her jaw dropping a little, Lori absentmindedly rubbed her cheek with her hand, smudging the dirt even further on her face. Looking around at the empty room, her jaw still dropped, she yelled to no one in particular, “What am I going to wear?!”

Hopping off the table and shockingly not falling over, she laid the parchment on the table and quickly ran into her room. Looking at her wardrobe, she began to open it and then saw just how dirty her hands were. “Oh. Oh, well that’s no good. Can’t touch clean clothes with dirty hands..” Running into the kitchen and washing her face and hands thoroughly with rough soap, Loriwen finally looked somewhat presentable. Heading back into the room, she began to pull every single piece of clothing she had and threw it on chairs, the bed, bookcases, anywhere it would hang and could be seen.

Pursing her lips and thinking aloud, she tilted her head. “Well, I’m meeting family now. This is very important. Have to wear a dress, I think. Yes, yes. Definitely a dress. I hate them, but they’re proper.” She picked all the shirts and trousers she had, shoving them absentmindedly into the wardrobe as she looked back at the assortment of dresses she owned. “Hmmm.” She quickly grabbed the particularly old and patched dresses, stuffing them on top of the shirts.

Crossing her arms and giving each dress a slow once over, Loriwen sighed loudly. “I am no good at this. What am I going to wear? I…could wear what he gave me. It’s so lovely.” Another sigh escaped her, this time softer and happier. Running her hands along the beautiful fabric, dyed perfectly to match her bright blue-green eyes, she smiled softly. After daydreaming for a few minutes, she snapped out of it as she remembered the dilemma she faced: picking something to wear when meeting a family member. Straightening her shoulders, Lori gave the dress a slightly – ever so slightly – critical eye. “Ah, but this is the midday meal. I love this dress so much, but it’s too fancy for a midday meal. If it was dinner, I could wear it, but even I know something this beautiful doesn’t belong at a luncheon.” Carefully picking the dress up, she hung it in a separate wardrobe.

She spun back around, barely catching herself before she fell. Growling in frustration at her feet not obeying her mind properly, she steadied herself before walking over to the remaining dresses: the lovely turquoise dress she wore to the dance, her rather simple but well-made tan summer-dress, a simple but heavier white dress with gold accents, and an old deep green dress of her Grams. Sighing again, she turned to her favorite remaining dress – the one she wore to the dance. Holding it up and smiling at the memories attached to it, she twisted it around and gave it a small hug. “Ah, I love it, but it’s so fine. I don’t know if this is really proper to wear to a midday meal, either.” Sadly holding it at arm’s length for a while, she trotted over and hung it next to the blue-green one.

Looking back and wrinkling her nose a bit at the white one, she shook her head and hung that up as well. Too heavy for this weather, I’d be sweating like a pig in a butcher’s shop. That left the rather boring summer-dress in a light umber color and the deep green dress she got from her Grams. Her Grams’ dress was older, but of a finer material. Soft to the touch, but fading a little in color due to age. The summer-dress was newer, made of soft linen and with no sleeves. She would be much cooler in that one, but she would have to hope she didn’t have any bruises right now. Shoving her short sleeves up, Lori carefully inspected her arms with an eye that only one who was so accustomed to them could possibly have. She grinned and nodded after some time, mentally congratulating herself for not having a bruise on her arms, for once. That hadn’t happened in quite some time! Perhaps some strong ale before bed was in order tonight, for celebration.

Tilting her head back and forth between the two of them for a long time, Loriwen eventually made her mind up. Nodding shortly and firmly, she picked up her Grams’ dress and hung it in the closet. The newer and simpler one would fit best. It was light, so she wouldn’t be as warm; it wasn’t a family dress, so she could mess it up if she did by accident; it was newer and simple, so she wouldn’t look like she was trying to dress up. The real trick to looking nice is to look like you weren’t trying to look nice. Happy with her choice, she hung it on the outside of the wardrobe carefully.

Now that the decision was made, reality began to set in. She was going to meet a relative of his. Oh, what if she messed something up? Pacing a little, Lori twisted her hands. Suddenly an idea went off in her mind. Shooting her head up and laughing, she grinned and went to get her pack. “I think a drink in town and some time with a friend will help. Morv will definitely be there – she usually is! Oh, I hope she is.” Settling her pouch around her waist, Lori locked the door on the way out.

Have to remember to not drink too much, don’t want to sleep through this!

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