Cedar-woman: Picture

((This is one of my better Photoshops – now that I have Photoshop again, I can really work in my element. Meet Tuija Lawson, my newest character. She is Lossoth, a self-imposed exile of her people. She is from Sûri-kylä, and has a baby daughter named Lempi. Her name means “cedar tree,” so she is Cedar-woman. Feel free to click on the picture, as it will give you a picture of the original woman I used. I have no idea who she is, and take no credit for the base image! This is just an example to show you how I altered the picture. Also please note her light scar on her chin. Here is her in-game description:

Her eyes are such a deep blue, they almost appear to be dark gray. Jet black hair, never in public seen uncoiled from her hair net, with occasional whisps that frame a rounded but beautiful face. Her skin is as pale as cream and weathered by extreme conditions. A small scar laces across her chin, from the left corner of her mouth lashing down to the right side of her jaw.

She appears to be no more than twenty-five, her gaze untrusting and keen. She rarely speaks; when she does, it is with a broken and heavily accented Westron. She is a rather curvy woman, her baby often in the sling on her shoulders or resting on her ample hip.

The babe, no more than half a year old, is always by her side. The little girl shares her mother’s hair and eyes, but has a more ruddy complexion and different facial features.

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