A Letter: Humble Request

Loriwen read the letter once more, then nodded as she folded and put it into the envelope. Hopefully this letter would be polite enough that she’d get a response in fair time. Hopefully the letter wasn’t too formal, either! But then again, Helvia suggested using the title “Lady.” Loriwen could only imagine how fancy this Suleth woman was. She headed off to give the envelope to her mail carrier directly, making sure she had his promise it would make its way there by the end of the day. It wasn’t too far a distance. Deciding to enjoy the crisp weather instead of scurrying back inside, she randomly decided to go for a walk.  As she ambled aimlessly, hands in her pockets, the little letter bounced its way closer to Brougham. Inside the neatly sealed envelope, a simple piece of parchment was folded thrice to ensure it fit. It read:

Lady Suleth,

Hello. My name is Loriwen Snowberry of Bree, a friend of your sister-in-law, Helvia. I have recently become pledged to another, and am looking for a metalworker of some repute to help me create a rather unique ring. Your kin suggested you to me, and now I am writing in the hopes you would have the time and inclination to take my request. You would be compensated accordingly, of course!

My idea is different, and I am unsure how likely it is to create in the first place. It is a metal ring, of whatever metal you feel is the most hardy, with a ring of carved images set in it. I am a woodcarver of skill and would have this ready for you as soon as you asked for it. I truly thank you for any consideration you give this request, and humbly ask for a return correspondence if you would be interested in taking the job.

Many thanks,
Loriwen Snowberry
6 Long Street, Wildore

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