Lempi Lawson: Present, Future, and Really-Future!

So I got it in my head (thanks to the ever-wonderful Laenlis and Celeveren and their planning ahead) to get an actual face on Tuija’s daughter, Lempi. This is how I envision this young baby growing up. I have ‘shopped up a current (baby) picture, a girl picture, and a young woman picture. I think I did a faaaairly good job of finding similar features and matching the eyes/hair well enough. Her features are more like her father’s, rather she got most her coloration from her mother. Well, except for those cheekbones! Apologies for a “longer” entry, as there’s three pictures! I hope you enjoy. Tuija is my one character I’m allowing to be just plain gorgeous, and some of those genes certainly passed on to her daughter. (Link if you’d like to compare. :3)

Lempi Lawson: Infant
Baby Lempi


Lempi Lawson: Girl
Lempi as a young girl


Lempi Lawson: Young Woman!
Lempi Lawson: young woman.

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