Wandering Poet: Snippets

Tegil inspects her for a few moments before turning his head to the moon. “The most beautiful sight I have ever seen was at night, on a full moon; south of here. I was walking along the road when I was overtaken by a scent. A beautiful smell, flowery and fresh. I followed it and ended up in a meadow. Upon looking around, I noticed one plant shining above the rest, white. It glowed almost as if it were silver. I immediately ran to inspect such a unique seeming plant. It was a flower, gleaming even more clearly than opal or any pearl. The full moon’s light gave it a luminescent quality unlike anything I had ever seen before. I stayed until the sun rose, and it seemed as if the flower hid from the sun’s rays. I have since learned the flower is called a primrose. They only bloom at night, and in the summer time. Yet ‘primrose’ does not accurately describe such glorious beauty.”


“As the moon lazily drifts across the sky, it allows us to take stock of what has passed us by; throughout the day’s busy and arduous tasks, to rest is all of us the moon does but ask.”


“Ah! Dear barmaid, permit me a poem before you take my order. Freckles dot your face like stars in the nighttime sky, and your hair glows red like a delicious strawberry pie! I would be honored if you would grace me with a wine, red, like your locks.”
“Behold! I spot a man dressed in hues of lavender! I wonder what a walk through his thoughts would render! You all should call me Tegil, as that is my name!”
“What a tall and courageous woman you look! And more than that, what a wonderful cook! What more talents lurk beneath that red hair? Perhaps you dance, unless I err?”


“Nay. You are as a rose, with many petals and layers; both beautiful and mysterious. Yet, you hide behind thorns for protection’s sake. I cannot blame you for being suspicious, but please.. do not belittle yourself.”

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