A truly short and simple RP idea I had. I’m really enjoying the shorter “snippets of each character” writing exercises. This one, I call “Questions.” We all think before we drift off to sleep, and often we’ll tally lists or think about our day. Every question here is unlabeled, and not prefaced. Enjoy this tiny snippet into everyone’s innermost consciousness! Oh. And in some cases (I hope), good luck figuring out who is who! 😀


…Did I make the right choice? Should I leave to find you?


…What’s wrong with me?…


One day, I hope to know the answer to this simple question: did it feel like thunder and shake your whole world, as well?


Will you embrace who you are, or cast it aside, my love?


If I didn’t wake up tomorrow, it would be worth it. How is this possible?

17 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Brilliant idea; I love it. 🙂

    And I think I know who said each, too. A couple are tricky, though, so I’m not entiiiiiirely certain.

  2. You’ve heard my guess on a few of them! I won’t guess the rest here though, in case I’m right. Don’t want to give anyone any hints. <_<

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