At Rest: Hair

Yet again! Up late as hell, and totally worth it. Another short one, given pretty much every single one of my characters ended up having a very interesting night. Another installation of the incredibly addictive “At Rest” meme. I added my own little twist, every single one starts with their hair! Ooh and this also includes a newbie character. πŸ˜€


Strawberry blonde hair, silvered far more blonde than red in the moonlight, spread across a pillow. Bright eyes, still awake in the late hours of the night, continued to rest upon her husband. Husband! She grinned widely when she realized – for the third time this evening – that she could say it out loud now. In fact, she was going to do it right then. Curling up to the very unconscious man sprawled on the bed, her mouth eventually found its way to his ear. She whispered, β€œI love you, husband,” before moving to kiss his cheek. He responded with by taking a deep half-snore breath and grunting at the noise. She smiled softly and continued watching him sleep into the night.


Tousled brown hair shone crookedly in the shaft of moonlight through their window, the near-permanent waves from her ponytail catching it. She pretended to reread the letter for what felt like the thousandth time. As if having to track down an old literate friend wasn’t embarrassing enough, when the letter was read, she about died. Thankfully he was fairly daft despite his literacy and just smiled at her when the letter was read. What did it mean? She knew the campsite all too well, it’s where she entrusted Ian with her life’s secret. Ah, would he be there? That would make her feel much safer. Perhaps…ah! She would show up early, and hide. If she didn’t recognize anyone she trusted, she wouldn’t reveal herself. Yes, that would be the best course of action. This…meeting…worried her. But on the off chance it was true, a real meeting of like minds, she had to attend. She just had to. She clutched the parchment to her quietly and resolved – for the thousandth time – to go and see.


Black hair splayed across a pillow case, free from its bonds at last. Its owner stared at the ceiling, grinning stupidly to himself. A secret romance, eh? If that’s what it came down to, so be it. There was something intriguing about that sort of thing…like a estranged but loyal couple, fighting against great odds! There were no truly great odds; not that she would ever admit it to him. Well, for now he was merely glad – nay, ecstatic – to have the resolution they currently held with one another. Grabbing his second pillow, he pulled it to his torso and held it tight as he drifted to sleep. Fanciful if sweet dreams shortly followed.


Long, straight blonde hair tangled around a calm if tired face. She dreamt of home and hearth, listening to her father’s stories and smelling her mother’s cooking. The bow by her bed was ready as always, standing quietly next to her headrest – only a moment’s reach away. The only implement closer than that was her knife, under the pillow as expected. These beds were not so comfortable, but nothing was to be done for it. Eventually they would reach Bree and she could find real lodging. This Forsaken Inn – what a horrible name – was woefully inadequate, even to one trained to sleep on the ground. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed to sleep outside. She tried.


Jet black hair tumbled over the edge of the bed, wrinkled and wavy. It was attached to a woman waking from a deep if fitful dream. She still hadn’t banished the nightmares from her rest. They were disturbing and frightening. The hardest obstacle to her sleep this night wasn’t her own consciousness, but rather the baby girl laying next to her. She was in the worst of her first teething, and letting her mother know about it with quiet moans and cries throughout the wee hours of the morning. Stumbling to the window, she reached out and broke off another piece of ice and gave it to her daughter to chew upon. Eventually it did its job and she fell asleep, gums temporarily numbed by the ice; but she would be awake in an hour at best, crying once again. Shutting her eyes and begging the spirits to take the horrid dreams away, her mother prayed she could get some real sleep.

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