A Letter: Cooking

A letter arrives at the Jailhouse of Bree, addressed to one Miss Cynewynne Cook. The handwriting on the envelope as well as the letter itself is bold and flowing. It reads:

Dear Miss Cook,

I was told this was the most direct way to reach you during your times off the field. I have a rather unusual request, if you will be gracious enough to entertain the idea. I seek to learn to prepare food for myself. Given the many meals at which I was privileged to sample your craft at The Broken Cask, you were the first person to whom my thoughts turned in this matter. You would certainly be compensated for your time and knowledge, if you would agree to take on such a task. I look forward to any and all responses. May your day be bright and full of joy. And please extend my warmest greetings to your beloved, my fellow countryman.


Tegil, son of Gwainon, of Gondor

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