Wandering Poet: A Face!

Dear Tegil has been my hardest of challenges. I have gone through five – count that, five – separate pictures. I doctored them up in Photoshop, but none of them really captured the essence of who he was, what he looked like. I have finally found it! Tegil has been discovered, and quite well may I add. Some actor, Ben something, really caught my eye right as I was about to give up ever finding a picture of Tegil. It’s perfect. I doctored his eyes (I actually stole them from a previous Photoshop of Paul Newman ¬_¬) and made his hair black instead of dark brown, but otherwise everything was spot on…especially his chin, jaw, and lips. With no further ado, may I properly introduce everyone to Tegil, son of Gwainon of Gondor!

Oh, and click on the picture for a higher res version. I promise it’s worth it, the eyes are much more noticeable! 😀

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Kiss Me Like…

An idea stolen from the absolutely wonderful amimain.. Even if these characters have only kissed one person (or no one yet!), many of them still can be defined by their style of showing affection. It’s an interesting way of exploring different aspects or manifestations of their personality. Hee!


Her kisses are yielding and open. Even when she initiates it, it’s rare for her to lead or be forceful in anything but moments of sheer passion; to the truly experienced, they would realize that’s because she usually has no idea what she’s doing. She makes up for her lack of knowledge with a deep-seated passion, swaying into her lover’s caress. She seems to treat her lengthier kisses as if they were her last. They always build in intensity: any kiss or embrace that starts off warm ends up scorching by the end. Small, sweeter kisses are usually followed or preceded by a kiss on the nose.


Deliberate, patient, and practiced. Never pushing the limits of what his partner seems to be comfortable with, his soft lips almost tease them into wanting more. His fingers play a much larger role than most people’s do; caresses along the cheek, ear, jawline and neck end up being reflexive and common accompaniments. He will often catch his breath through his nose mid-kiss, causing even more tension. Prone to kissing on the forehead after a particularly heated exchange.


Soft. Uncertain. Short. A succession of short but sensual grazes of lips against lips. She will never lead, ever, and the shorter kisses only happen because she pulls away repeatedly. Incredibly inexperienced, she will often need to pull away to gasp for air with an apologetic peck to the corner of their mouth. More likely to be held than to hold, and certainly timid. Deep, open kisses are not what she will ever offer, but rather soft and tender.


Tuija’s quiet and subservient nature pales in comparison to her kiss. She acquiesces to her love’s every move, being able to almost preternaturally match their lead. Her breath is slow and steady; it only ever needs to be caught when something unexpected happens. When her quiet and subdued mask is cracked by a caught breath or indulgent touch, a sudden animalistic fervor breaks out in the form of a low noise and grasp. She quickly reigns herself back in, but the facade is broken; beneath her cool exterior lies a passionate young woman.


She always heads straight to the point, even on a first kiss. Control is rarely given up by her and because of this, her kisses seem to slow the world around them. Easily parting her lips and running her tongue along her partner’s lower lip is almost immediate. Despite her domineering hold on the lead of a kiss, it is always soft. Always sultry. If the kiss is with a lover instead of just a partner (that has never happened to date), she will often break from their lips and instead spend much of her time grazing her lips along their neck and cheek.