Wandering Poet: A Face!

Dear Tegil has been my hardest of challenges. I have gone through five – count that, five – separate pictures. I doctored them up in Photoshop, but none of them really captured the essence of who he was, what he looked like. I have finally found it! Tegil has been discovered, and quite well may I add. Some actor, Ben something, really caught my eye right as I was about to give up ever finding a picture of Tegil. It’s perfect. I doctored his eyes (I actually stole them from a previous Photoshop of Paul Newman ¬_¬) and made his hair black instead of dark brown, but otherwise everything was spot on…especially his chin, jaw, and lips. With no further ado, may I properly introduce everyone to Tegil, son of Gwainon of Gondor!

Oh, and click on the picture for a higher res version. I promise it’s worth it, the eyes are much more noticeable! 😀

Click for more goodness!

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