Secrets & Candles: I Ain’t Crazy.

Skyrah sat in the shaft of light, tiny dust particles dancing in the afternoon sun’s glow. She squinted and focused on the lump of beeswax in front of her, taking the small pouch and carefully making a line of gold dust in the wax. Reverently re-tying it, she stashed it on her lap before molding the wax, painstakingly folding the dust into it without spilling any. Hands expertly twisted the length of the wax, creating glittering trails of gold throughout. They glinted, almost glowing in the already warm light she used to see her craft. Despite her concentration, only one phrase kept running through her head. Three little words. She repeated them to herself, like a mantra.

I ain’t crazy.

Last night, she woke up after letting the fire burn a little too low, and she was still warm. There was a fur there, covering her; a little pillow that smelled so good; a cloak so nice, she still hadn’t had the nerve to put it on yet. This little pouch of dust that sparkled like gold itself. She wasn’t crazy. No one else would’ve done this. The flower was just beautiful. Why a lily, though? She’d have to track someone smart down, like Ian or somewhat. He’d probably know a lot about flowers, he always smelled like ’em and he always was reading something smart-like. Hands twisted, almost entirely free of her thought process. They caressed the silky smooth surface, flattening the candle into a long block. Sky cut the wick to the right length, lovingly setting it in the proper place before beginning to roll the candle’s final shape.

I ain’t crazy.

Long and thin. That’s how this candle should look. Graceful. Sparkling mysteriously. Nothing but the vaguely translucent white wax and golden specks. Once she finally had the desired shape, she wrapped it in some scrap paper, to protect from dust, and let it set in the dark coolness under the dresser. The small pouch of dust, half-used, was stashed in her drawer. She didn’t have much in the way of clothes to fill it, the pouch looking tiny in the mostly unused space. That’s when Sky turned her attention to the cloak. It was soft and warm…it even had holes for her arms. It was by far the nicest piece of clothing she’d ever had. Luned’s dresses were nice, and she even let Sky touch them, but those weren’t hers. This was hers.

I ain’t crazy.

Taking a deep breath, she pulled it to her chest and hugged it for a while. She finally allowed herself to pry it from her grasp and hold it out before her. A ripple of fabric fell almost to the floor. It was long enough – even for the strikingly tall young woman. One large button held it together. It was warm enough to almost be a blanket…at least, it looked warmer than her blanket. If you could call what she’d been using a blanket. Slowly unbuttoning it, she dared a look around the empty room before slipping it over her bony shoulders. Soft warmth enveloped her almost immediately. Her hands slipped through the holes, and she re-buttoned it. Her hands ran along the brown cloth, fingers delighting in the sensation. She finally had proof. She was wearing it. Real proof. In the privacy of her currently empty room, Sky let a goofy, crooked smile crack.

I ain’t crazy.

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