Unexpected Conversations: Part Three

Third time’s the charm, and it’s all still her fault! Okay, this one turned out shorter than expected. The reason for this? Well, frankly, the last part (incoming soon!) is freakin’ long. It involves four characters (two scenes) and they both blend into each other very well. It would be really crappy to break them up. Expect super long fun from Minas Tirith proper with Part Four. Maybe coming tonight, maybe not. In the meantime, enjoy some Lori.


“So, do ya think you’ll be a’righ’ to pull it off?”

Loriwen raised an eyebrow at the man across the table and leaned back in her chair. A foot went up on the table for support when she realized she didn’t wear a dress today. “Pull it off? They’re just bee hives, Eddie.”

Brown hair and deep brown eyes shifted as he shrugged. “They can git real complex iffen ya don’t do it right.” His sentence hung in the air – that unspoken continuation of his sentence, one very few people willingly put voice to – at least not in front of her. And you’re a woman.

She rolled her eyes and let the chair fall back down to the stone floor with a thud. Golden-red hair swung freely and green-blue eyes stared at him, hard. “You wanted one of the best woodworkers in town, you asked around, and you got me. You want me to take the job or not? It’s an easy one.”

There was pride there – that much was clear. His jaw set a little, much to Lori’s delight; he ended up nodding. “A’righ’. When’dya think you’ll be havin’ ‘em ready?”

Her eyes didn’t lose their intense stare, but she did grin happily. “Well, that depends on how fast you want them.” Let the negotiations begin. She did love negotiating with jerks.

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