Musical Representations

This is entirely her fault. Oh, and I make no apologies for the fact that this damn well may end up all the same artist. Their lyricist is a god among poets, horrible English aside.


In total honesty… it’s truly Tegil’s fault. I didn’t even consider doing a post…until I was listening to my play list when this rarely played song came on random. I almost cried. It’s perfect. Lyrics are subtitles, so I apologize if they’re not too readable. I felt the song deserved a higher quality of sound over readability. You can find them here as well.


Song speaks for itself, I think. Lyrics here, if you would like to read them more easily.


This song perfectly explains how she feels about herself in relation to chillins. Just wonderful. Nice song, too!


Some of the imagery in here really spoke to me. Particularly the wolf and lamb part. Lyrics, if necessary.

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