Snapshots: A Summer Sunrise

A long absence due to multiple reasons! I apologize for the silence on my part and all I can promise is an attempt to try harder! If any of you didn’t know, the main reason is because the game I work for, Star Wars: The Old Republic, recently announced our preorders. Things are crazy.

I also admit to having hit something of an epic writer’s block; my brain would not let me come up with anything remotely resembling LotRO stuff for months. Well over 25,000 words of Mass Effect and Dragon Age II fiction later, I think I finally sated the monster that was that epidemic. Here are a few snapshots for you, giving you a little update on where all my little characters are at the moment!


The sun’s rays gently crept along golden hair, kissing it into a brilliant glow. In time, pear-apple eyes slid open only to immediately squeeze shut again at the light’s intrusion. Rather than sit up, the young woman decided to lie in bed and enjoy the sun’s attentions. She had become quite adept at using her crutch, and she would once she rose – but there was a simple pleasure to be had in luxuriating in the sun like a cat. One she felt like indulging in at the moment.

There was a simple phrase her mother would tell her every morning; a saying she never understood until her recent injury. Don’t be impatient – life gives its gifts one day at a time. She closed her eyes and let her memory dance along the rays and back to Rohan. When she rose, she would take today’s gift of life and make the most of it…but not yet. For now, she reminisced.


Dexterous fingers gently pulled black hair away from a sweat-slicked forehead. Already it was so hot, but Lempi slept soundly regardless. Tuija reveled in the quiet peace lying next to her sleeping daughter brought. In no time at all, she would awaken and be waddling all over the hall, trying to get into everything. Watching her grow and learn every day was the single most brilliant thing in Tuija’s life.

A small pang of sorrow laced through the serene moment as she remembered yet again that Michael would never see their daughter grow old. Well over a year had passed since he left them, and the pain had grown duller, but it would never completely leave. She could imagine his warm brown eyes crinkling as he twirled Lempi through the air, their laughter mingling loudly. The bittersweet joy of that false memory would be enough to get her through the day.


She woke up indoors. Seeing a roof over her head instead of the sky peeking through leaves shocked her into bolting straight up. Skyrah stared around the room with wide eyes, looking much more like a frightened deer than an 18 year old woman. She relaxed when her eyes settled upon one of Luned’s props. That’s right, I’m home. Even when not spoken, the word “home” felt bitter to her. It wasn’t really home, but it was full of supportive – if unaware – friends. It would do for now.

Stretching, she rolled around a few times before standing up. Skyrah forgot how restful not sleeping on the ground could be for the body. The wind whistled through the leaves outside their window, eliciting a rare smile from her. It looked to be another beautiful day and for once she could enjoy it. If she couldn’t find herself a real person to love, trying to chase after a phantom, slightly sinister alternative just wasn’t healthy. Today was the start of a new chapter. Time to find Luned for some lessons…


Deep blue eyes shuttered open, raven hair being shaken out of their view. Tegil scratched his bare chest with a sigh that quickly decided to evolve into a yawn. Another late night working, another piece completed. The changes in his life continued fascinate and elate him. Two years ago, if you had told him exactly where he would be on this very day, he would have laughed merrily and brushed it off. Such odd and fortuitous circumstances that led him to this small house!

He wouldn’t change a thing. Many of his peers back in Minas Tirith would dismiss it as another one of his “flights of fancy” but Tegil had found a new sense of self here in Bree-land. Scholarly pursuits for curiosity’s sake would always be a wonderful adventure for his mind, yet working gave him purpose he found nowhere else. While dwelling on these thoughts would be a lovely way to pass the morning, he sat up and swung his legs over the side. It was time to rise.

The mail he neglected to read last night taunted him from the table next to his bed. Foremost, the letter from his mother was set to the side for a more thorough reading outside. Next was correspondence from a fellow Sindarin scholar in town; the last was a payment. He quickly counted and portioned it. Every time he divided his earnings and placed half into the special hidden box, he couldn’t help but feel a small jolt of pride and excitement. Who knows where he’d be one year from now?


Streeeeetch. Loriwen’s body pulled and then contracted back into a ball. Another day, another job. She felt a bit queasy…she hoped she wasn’t getting sick. Time to take it easy today. No point in getting dog-sick because she wanted to work as much as she could. Her legs plopped out with two thuds and lifted her from bed, over to the wardrobe.

Her mind drifted as she covered herself with clothing. Planning to have children forced her to take stock of how little carving she’d be able to get done once it happened. She’d been working a lot lately to compensate for it; perhaps too much. The lightheadedness and feeling cold (it was the end of Mede, she should never feel cold) agreed with her assessment. Time to drink some water and go back to bed for the day. You’re supposed to starve being sick, right? She thought so, anyway; never could remember. Hopefully Lori could stave off whatever she managed to saddle herself with – she idly thought that she probably caught it from the kids at the store last week – before it exploded. She didn’t get sick often, but when Loriwen went down, she was down in the worst way.

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