Wandering Poet: Return

It took little time for Bree-land to feel like home, but even less time for traveling to reassert itself as a passion of mine. The trip was long, and grew cold the closer it got toward the end of the year, but it was good. Refreshing, even. Tomorrow I shall see the gates of Bree-town, and my heart will leap for joy. It is a simple land and I long for its simplicity once more. The docks of Duillond were beautiful beyond telling, with sparkling waters and sweet, clean air; but they were not home. To spend time with Maluhíl, dear friend that he is, was exactly what my heart needed. It needed distance, time, and an understanding companion. It was an honor and joy to be allowed to see him off as he left for his final journey.

This return excursion is far from my final journey, but it is one of renewal just the same. I am older and hopefully wiser for the experience. Despite my heart being shattered when I departed, it is now whole and stronger. Some steel themselves against future hurt, yet that is not any way to live. Life is beautiful, both the tragic and the happy, and each holds a lesson to be learned. What a poor scholar I would be, if I were unwilling to learn such things! Our memories will always hold a place near my heart, but I will no longer dwell upon them.

Last month, when we entered the Shire, snow fell from the sky and brought a true smile to my face once more. For that, I am glad. Thank you for a time of simple peace, and I wish you all the joy you truly deserve.

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