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Body and Appearance

  1. Describe the character’s height and build. Is he heavyset, thin, short, rangy?
    • Tegil – 6’ even. He’s lean and lanky, with some muscle. His martial training has been meant to utilize speed and dodging over brute force.
    • Osbeorne – 6’ even (didn’t realize they were the same height). His physique is quite muscular from long hours working the forge for the vast majority of his life. His biceps, if you’re into that kinda thing, are the stuff dreams are made of.
    • Loriwen – 5’4”. She’s lean, with a body shape similar to a long-distance runner. Any curves she has are definitely on her hips, and she would move cannily if she weren’t so clumsy.
    • Aeldes – Given her age, she is much taller than most, towering at 6’7”. Her frame is slender and willowy, particularly given her long time recovering from major illness in Rivendell.
    • Brynleigh – Short, even for her age. She’s hovering around 4’10” but she likely has some growing left to do. Hunger and living on the streets have given her a dangerously thin appearance.
    • Adairia – Adairia hit puberty early, complete with awkward curves. Even at 14, she is already 5’6”. She is going to be a tall young woman.
  2. How old is he?
    • Tegil – 25 years old as of June 16 [2017].
    • Osbeorne – He’ll turn 33 on January 4 [2018].
    • Loriwen – She turned 37 on July 9 [2017].
    • Aeldes – Age is a silly concept to her. If she really sat down, she could probably come up with the number, but does it really matter? She was born in Valinor and left when still a child, and that is enough information for her.
    • Brynleigh – Bryn will turn 16 on December 17 [2017].
    • Adairia – She’s 14 years old, as of April 14 [2017].
  3. Describe his posture. Does he carry himself well or does he slouch?
    • Tegil – He has absolutely impeccable posture, even while lying on the ground to sift through sand for shells. When describing something to someone, he has a habit of leaning forward, the only time he will do aught but sit straight.
    • Osbeorne – When he is working at the forge, his posture is tense and careful. At all other times, though, he slouches with the best of them and pays no mind to how he sits or stands. As long as he is comfortable, Os is happy. He enjoys raising an arm above his head and resting his forearm on the crown of his head while idly sitting around; the action seems to be second nature to him.
    • Loriwen – You will be hard-pressed to find Lori doing anything but slouching. Her hands tend to float at her side as she walks, using them as a way to balance herself. She’s very clumsy and her feet have a delay in reaction.
    • Aeldes – She has natural grace in the way that many elves seem to be blessed and she often stands proudly, shoulders back with head high.
    • Brynleigh – Her head is often down, eyes scanning the ground more than people around her. She seems a bit like a beaten puppy when she moves through a crowd, scurrying from point A to point B. Squared shoulders give away at least some training in proper posture, however.
    • Adairia – Adairia is a pretty confident teen girl, and she walks around properly when trying to make a good impression. If she’s concentrating on something like studies or a game, she’ll immediately revert to slouchy kid-posture.
  4. How is his health? Is he fit or out of shape? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?
    • Tegil – He is fit, and has no known health issues. His metabolism is quite slow, however, and he makes no secret of how carefully he eats (both his eating speed as well as dietary habits).
    • Osbeorne – He’s in fantastic shape, although he’ll very occasionally throw his knee out for a few hours if he steps on it the wrong way.
    • Loriwen – For the most part, she is extremely healthy and fit. She has a slight short-term memory problem due to a plague that took her out for a few weeks, and her feet have an issue with a delayed reaction. If she isn’t careful, she will trip over seemingly thin air; as long as she pays attention, it’s barely a disability at all.
    • Aeldes – Aeldes spent many years fighting off a poison, as well as physical injuries, sustained in the war of the Second Age. She has recovered and is well enough, but has not begun to truly regain her strength yet.
    • Brynleigh – She is an undiagnosed anemic and has Vitamin C deficiency, causing her to always feel cold and to bruise easily. Eating a proper diet will correct these things, not that she knows it.
    • Adairia – Adairia is very fit for a village girl! She isn’t skinny, but she isn’t particularly overweight, either; most would call her healthy with the appropriate curves for her age.
  5. How attractive is this character physically? How does he perceive himself in the mirror?
    • Tegil – Tegil will forever have a case of “used to be fat,” so he will never be satisfied with his appearance. He is lean and healthy, and has as stereotypical a Gondorian face shape as is possible. For those who are attracted to dark hair and eyes with chiseled features, he’s stunning.
    • Osbeorne – He is attractive in a relatively typical fashion and happily aware of it. Those interested in bearded men with long hair and sizeable muscles would find him extremely attractive.
    • Loriwen – Lori is more attractive than she thinks, but she’s not gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination. Her bright teal eyes are her best feature. She’s pretty average looks-wise unless you’re a legs/hips man; then she’s probably caught your eye at least once and probably from behind.
    • Aeldes – Her appearance can be disconcerting to those unused to elves, particularly older elves: Aeldes has a borderline otherworldly look to her eyes and her skin seems to softly glow in the moonlight, but if you see her indoors and/or in the day, appears to simply be an absolutely gorgeous (and very tall) elf.
    • Brynleigh – If Bryn had proper nutrition and diet, she would fill out into a lean but lovely young lady who probably would forever lament her lack of fuller breasts. She has a very round face and certainly has potential, but it hasn’t been realized yet.
    • Adairia – Compared to the other village girls, she’s pretty but doesn’t stand out too much. She certainly thinks she’s all that, though, due to her height.
  6. Describe his complexion. Dark, light, clear, scarred?
    • Tegil – He has a small scar on his left temple, but is otherwise unmarked. None but family or an eventual wife will see his bare torso, which does sport several old stretch marks. During the colder months, he grows paler due to staying indoors for study and work. The warm months see him outside quite often, enjoying nature, and he tans nicely during those times.
    • Osbeorne – He is definitely tanned, with warm toned skin to match his chestnut hair. The overall effect is a healthy glow.
    • Loriwen – Light-skinned, but not pale. She has various scars all over her body, most courtesy of her clumsy nature and choice of a profession that includes nails and heavy boards.
    • Aeldes – Creamy skin with no visible blemishes. She faintly glows if caught by the right beam of moonlight, similar to a primrose.
    • Brynleigh – Pale skin with a small smattering of freckles. If she weren’t so undernourished, she would have rosy cheeks.
    • Adairia – Her complexion is mostly freckled; adorable little brown dots scattered all across her nose, cheeks, and forehead.
  7. Describe his hair: color, texture, style.
    • Tegil – Long raven-colored locks, glossy in the sunlight on a good day. Soft but fine strands that he often pulls back into a half-ponytail for ease at work.
    • Osbeorne – Long, wavy strands of warm chestnut hair. A near-permanent dip and a wave make itself known in his hair, just below chin-length; this is an indentation from pulling his hair back when working the forge.
    • Loriwen – Golden hair tinged with carroty red; depending on the season, it lightens or darkens to more golden or more reddish. It’s thick and smooth, but rarely untangled. She doesn’t comb it as often as she should, and doesn’t style it, preferring to sweep it over and behind her ear.
    • Aeldes – Long, silky jet-black hair. Usually left free, unless put up into an intricate braid for a special event.
    • Brynleigh – Thick, rough hair in a golden auburn color. It’s cut short and frames her round face, but has enough volume to it that she still needs to force it flat on a humid morning. The longer it is, the more unruly it becomes.
    • Adairia – Rough, voluminously textured hair with a warm medium-brown color. She has it cut into attractively short, choppy layers that frame her face.
  8. What color are his eyes?
    • Tegil – Deep blue, with a slight hint of grey.
    • Osbeorne – Soft, pale blue eyes.
    • Loriwen – Her most striking feature, a vibrant blue-green.
    • Aeldes – Clear and intense blue eyes, reminiscent of a virgin blue sky before clouds or even the sun can rob it of its color.
    • Brynleigh – Green eyes that take on a brown cast in low light.
    • Adairia – An apple-green with darker hazel rims.
  9. Does the character have any other noteworthy features?
    • Tegil – He has two distinct smiles: a polite smile, and his boyish smile. Both are typically genuine, but his face lights up whenever his boyish smile appears.
    • Osbeorne – Small scars on his arms and hands from working smithies, but nothing noteworthy. His smile can be infectious.
    • Loriwen – Nope.
    • Aeldes – Her eyes can be distracting, particularly to those who catch her at the height of a clear morning. Any other noteworthy features are hidden by her usual attire.
    • Brynleigh – Several scars along her arm, of varying sizes and shapes. Many of them were attained earlier in life, stretched and somewhat worn. She has a newer one on her cheek from some sort of fire, which looks like it didn’t heal proper and ended up scarring.
    • Adairia – She has a slight gap between the front right (her right) incisor and canine in her mouth; not enough to affect the overall placement of her other teeth, but enough to be noticed when she smiles.
  10. What is the character’s wardrobe like? Casual, dressy, utilitarian? Bright colors, pastels, neutrals? Is it varied, or does he have six of the same suit?
    • Tegil – Robes, robes, and more robes! He feels naked in pants and a shirt or tunic. While he continuously attempts to stray from his favorite color of crimson, Tegil typically has ended up purchasing items in that color anyway. Since moving to Dol Amroth, he finds himself purchasing rich jewel-toned fabrics of varying shades.
    • Osbeorne – He favors blue and red shirts, and often rolls the sleeves up past his elbows. Rough working pants and a few solid pairs of working boots finish out his simple but hearty wardrobe.
    • Loriwen – Lori’s wardrobe is varied. She prefers casual clothes/dresses for everyday wear, but adopts a more utilitarian wardrobe when working in her shop. Regardless of what she’s wearing, it is always either a soft umber color or a bright teal which matches her eyes. She is never hard to spot in a crowd.
    • Aeldes – She wears whatever she fancies, usually made of light and flowing fabrics with soft nature-toned colors.
    • Brynleigh – Her wardrobe at the moment is ratty, faded and consists of very few pieces.
    • Adairia – When working with her mother to learn midwifery, she wears appropriately work-ready clothes; when she’s on her own time, Adairia loves to wear dresses and skirts with billowy fabric.
  11. Do his clothes fit well? Does he seem comfortable in them?
    • Tegil – While his build is not a particularly uncommon one, his clothes still fit like a glove; he clearly only purchases the best.
    • Osbeorne – They fit well enough for him. As long as they don’t hang off of him (a serious hazard in his profession) or choke the blood from extremities, he’s not too picky.
    • Loriwen – Very much so. Whoever her tailor is, they know her measurements perfectly. She always looks comfortable.
    • Aeldes – She seems extremely comfortable in her clothes, and they fit fairly well. She is still regaining her strength and some outfits need her to do some more filling out before they will look perfect again.
    • Brynleigh – Her clothes do not fit perfectly, sleeves often seeming a bit too long and many of her hems are uneven.
    • Adairia – She and her mother spend much of their evenings hemming and tailoring their own clothes, and as a result, she smartly fits into everything. Many of her dresses are of older but high-quality fabric, clearly recut and/or repurposed hand-me-downs from her older sister, Willow.
  12. Does he dress the same on the job as he does in his free time? If not, what are the differences?
    • Tegil – Yes, he is a scholar and a wanderer, and he rarely feels the need to change clothing. The only exception is when he is training/exercising; then, he will put on his armor.
    • Osbeorne – Typically, yes. He’ll usually go from work to the tavern to home without bothering to change, and no one can tell the difference (besides the smoky smell).
    • Loriwen – Lori would never wear a dress to work! She’s a woodworker, and that’d end badly. She always wears sturdy cargo-style pants (to hold tools) and a form-fitting linen shirt, usually with short sleeves. Hardy work boots round out her work clothes.
    • Aeldes – Job? What job? Oh, you mean singing and healing others? No, no need to change clothing for that!
    • Brynleigh – That she does. Begging doesn’t really require a dress code.
    • Adairia – Definitely not! She’ll wear clean, pocket-filled clothes when helping her mother with midwife work.


  1. What does this character’s voice sound like? High-pitched, deep, hoarse?
    • Tegil – His normal speaking voice is light and musical. When he speaks lowly, his voice has a rough yet silky tone to it.
    • Osbeorne – He has a rumbling, rich voice. It can be gruff at times, and he’ll need clear his throat.
    • Loriwen – Bright and cheerful, but unintentionally lowering her tone during more private moments.
    • Aeldes – Sing-songy, floating, as if she were singing poetry to the wind. Similar to Satine’s breathy vocal patterns when talking with the Duke (minus the, uh, fear).
    • Brynleigh – Quiet with a higher pitched, rather girly voice. She’d most likely squeak if poked.
    • Adairia – Her voice is very typical of a 14-year-old girl, not too high or low.
  2. Does the character have a distinct accent or dialect? Any individual quirks of pronunciation?
    • Tegil – A learned man of Minas Tirith whose speech holds a significant accent. It’s understandable, but very clear. He also consciously never uses contractions; if he uses one, he’s either very off guard or doing it on purpose (or I screwed up).
    • Osbeorne – A nondescript accent belonging to Bree-landers who grew up in Bree-town proper. The longer he’s in Durrow, the less pronounced it’s becoming.
    • Loriwen – Bree-land accent, through and through. She likes needlessly qualifying things, such as adding “I think” to the end of sentences.
    • Aeldes – In Westron, she has a generically “elvish” accent. In Sindarin, she has a very deep Beleriand accent, more specifically an odd blend of Doriath and Lindon. If she ever had cause to speak in Quenya, it would sound archaic but beautiful, even to a scholar.
    • Brynleigh – A south-western Bree-land accent marks her words, but it’s not too strong. She mumbles a lot.
    • Adairia – She can speak very quickly at times, particularly when excited. Her accent is a fairly standard Bree-land accent, with a slight twang on certain words.
  3. What language/s does he speak, and with how much fluency?
    • Tegil – Native Westron speaker (the Minas Tirith dialect), is as fluent in Sindarin that a man with no significant amount of Elvish blood can be. Is studying the language of Rohan when he has free time.
    • Osbeorne – Westron, with a couple of choice swear words in both Rohirric and Sindarin.
    • Loriwen – Native Westron speaker.
    • Aeldes – Fully fluent, in order of preference: Sindarin, Westron, Quenya. Although she would be hesitant to admit it, she can understand and speak Khuzdul enough to get by.
    • Brynleigh – Westron.
    • Adairia – Westron only, but she and her friends enjoy learning random words in Sindarin, so they can “talk fancy” with one another.
  4. Does he switch languages or dialects in certain situations?
    • Tegil – Whenever he is around those who clearly speak Sindarin as a primary language (such as any Elves he meets) he will immediately switch if polite to do so. He’ll also often switch when alone and studying. He will rarely mutter in Westron, preferring to do so in Sindarin.
    • Osbeorne – He’ll tone his language and bawdy jokes down when around women. It’s just polite.
    • Loriwen – Nope.
    • Aeldes – Absolutely. She will always default to whatever language others around her are speaking.
    • Brynleigh – She almost always mutters, but if someone’s actually paying attention to her, she’ll try to enunciate more clearly.
    • Adairia – Her accent becomes more pronounced when she’s stressed, but otherwise, no.
  5. Is he a good impromptu speaker, or does he have to think about his words?
    • Tegil – For more serious matters, he tends to take his time thinking on his words before speaking. When in public and having a good time, he has little issue throwing out fun quips or toasts.
    • Osbeorne – He can tell a good story along with the best of them and has no difficulty sharing his thoughts in a group, but in private matters, he is a fan of the “sit and listen/learn” approach.
    • Loriwen – She’s quite the pontificator, but it’s typically neither well-spoken nor thought out. That said, she can’t lie for her life, so it’s always the truth.
    • Aeldes – If there’s one thing Aeldes almost never feels the need to do, it’s to ruminate on words before speaking them. Words are meant to be free, and proud, and beautiful!
    • Brynleigh – Bryn never speaks up, and when expected to, appears surprised and takes her time picking her words very carefully.
    • Adairia – She’s a bubbly and relatively carefree 14-year-old girl; she speaks all the time, about any subject, and does so with conviction!

Mental and Emotional

  1. How intelligent is this character? Is he book-smart or street-smart?
    • Tegil – Incredibly book-smart, but has a solid head on his shoulders in regard to safety in the less savory parts of town. He has been learning more in the way of fighting, as well.
    • Osbeorne – He’s fairly sharp, but few would call him intelligent. Os knows his craft well, and is fair at best with his letters; math and angles are his strong points.
    • Loriwen – “Woods-smart” would be more appropriate to describe Lori rather than street-smart. That said, she did complete the full gambit of basic education as a child. She can read and write well, as well as knows her numbers.
    • Aeldes – Extremely well-educated, but also very behind on the times. She will often be found reading books in random locations outside, in an attempt to “catch up.”
    • Brynleigh – Quickly learned on the fly in regards to street-smarts, with a very sharp intellect, but not even remotely book-smart. She couldn’t read her own name if it was in front of her face.
    • Adairia – Adairia thinks she’s pretty smart, and she’s mostly correct. She gets hung up on her math from time to time and gets frustrated, but she’ll eventually get it with some help. She is very eager to learn everything there is to know about midwifery.
  2. Does he think on his feet, or does he need time to deliberate?
    • Tegil – He is rather quick-witted and typically makes his mind up on even the biggest decisions within a day or two.
    • Osbeorne – He takes a moderate amount of time to decide things. The more important the decision, the longer it’ll take.
    • Loriwen – Neither. She acts first, thinks later, worries/panics about how she may have messed up last.
    • Aeldes – It honestly depends on her whims that day, and also the level of danger. In truly perilous situations, she will easily deduce and implement a decision, but if it’s something minor, she could take a while letting her mind wander.
    • Brynleigh – For the most part, Bryn thinks on her feet and it’s the only reason she’s alive thus far, but when she has the opportunity, she takes her time for even the simplest choices.
    • Adairia – She’s pretty quick when making decisions; not quite impetuous, but more along the lines of slightly fickle.
  3. What kind of education has the character had?
    • Tegil – Extensive schooling in both Westron and Sindarin, courtesy of his parents’ tutors in Minas Tirith.
    • Osbeorne – He has been apprenticed to a master smith in town since he was 13 years of age. Os did finish school, but he’s forgotten most of it.
    • Loriwen – Full schooling, but no academia/higher education. Years of woodworking instruction via her father, a master woodworker
    • Aeldes – She learned from friends, family, teachers, throughout her time in the First and Second Age, on various things. She decided to focus on healing arts, and that is what she knows best.
    • Brynleigh – Nothing at all.
    • Adairia – She learned her letters and math, at the insistence of her mother (her father is more traditionally minded, but the argument that Ada was going to take over her mother’s midwifery duties swayed him).
  4. What are his areas of expertise? What, if anything, is he interested in learning more about?
    • Tegil – Sindarin translation and transcription. He’ll often be found humming a tune or reciting poetry, usually in Sindarin. After several years of practice, Tegil is a decent cook. He isn’t skilled enough to consider it a trade skill, but he could make quite the impressive spread for a meal. His next scholarly pursuits are learning the language of Rohan and examining the science and artistry behind seashells.
    • Osbeorne – Smithing of all varieties. He mostly deals with wrought ironwork and farm equipment repairs, but in his spare time, he does indulge in precious ores for finer metalwork. He has a secret interest in gemstone cutting and jewelry-work.
    • Loriwen – Her woodworking skill is easily that of a grandmaster (she’d be certified if she weren’t a woman), and she has a talented hand at brewing odd combinations of beer and ale. She is interested in learning more about cooking, as she never learned when young.
    • Aeldes – The healing arts, both magical and mundane. She has a keen interest in comparing historical tales with one another, to note the differences…particularly when she was there and knows what happened.
    • Brynleigh – Too young to have an area of expertise, but her singing voice (when she thinks she’s alone) is exquisite. She doesn’t realize that she has as much talent as she does.
    • Adairia – She knows much about midwifery, loving to help her mum out as much as possible. She also likes drawing with pencils and charcoal, a hobby her beloved older brother introduced to her.
  5. Is he an introvert or an extrovert?
    • Tegil – He thinks he straddles the line between the two, but in reality, Tegil is a textbook introvert that enjoys company.
    • Osbeorne – Boisterous and genuinely nice, Os is quite the extrovert. He can be found buying the whole house a round each payday.
    • Loriwen – Extrovert, through and through. Outgoing, loud, happy, and friendly. Sometimes annoyingly so.
    • Aeldes – Depends on the day. Some days, she wants to dance around with others and fest; on other days, she’s content to sit in a tree for a week and re-read books.
    • Brynleigh – A natural extrovert who has been so beaten down that she acts the exact opposite, as a form of protection.
    • Adairia – She’s pretty extroverted unless she really likes a guy. She’s a bit of a flirt, but real crushes get her acting more giggly and shy.
  6. Describe the character’s temperament. Is he even-tempered or does he have mood swings? Cheerful or melancholy? Laid-back or driven?
    • Tegil – Tegil is very even-tempered, and his general demeanor is polite/proper. When he’s in a great mood, though, everyone gets a boyish grin and happy laugh.
    • Osbeorne – What’s a mood swing? He’s just having a good time living life, who has time for mood swings?!
    • Loriwen – She has more mood swings than she thinks she does, but they’re usually flights of fancy rather than actual temperament shifts. Her head is in the clouds fairly often, but as long as nothing is going wrong, she’s chipper and very laid-back.
    • Aeldes – Minus several sore points of history (sacking of Doriath, for example), Aeldes is universally cheerful and even-tempered.
    • Brynleigh – Bryn may have been cheerful once, but subdued is the best word to describe her. She has mood swings, as all teens do, but they are usually suppressed.
    • Adairia – Adairia is cheerful, driven, and prone to the occasional mood swing (typically triggered by plans being ruined).
  7. How does he respond to new people or situations? Is he suspicious, relaxed, timid, enthusiastic?
    • Tegil – In addition to Tegil’s innate gift for being cordial, he was taught for years on the correct way of socializing; he revels in meeting new people and learning new things.
    • Osbeorne – He’s a big, burly man with many friends. The more, the merrier!
    • Loriwen – If the situation is friendly and safe, she’s enthusiastic and friendly. Otherwise she clams up and watches suspiciously.
    • Aeldes – She is relaxed, interested, and friendly to most she meets.
    • Brynleigh – Timid and watchful, ready to curl up into a protective ball (or run) at the drop of a hat.
    • Adairia – If she feels comfortable, Ada is very friendly and kind; but she will not hesitate to withdraw if the situation feels dangerous or uncertain.
  8. Is he more likely to act, or to react?
    • Tegil – Depends on the situation, but he leans slightly toward react.
    • Osbeorne – Act.
    • Loriwen – Act, then think later.
    • Aeldes – Observe, then react.
    • Brynleigh – React by disappearing.
    • Adairia – React.
  9. Which is his default: fight or flight?
    • Tegil – With his new martial training, he is more likely to fight than before, but avoiding conflict in the first place is still his preference.
    • Osbeorne – Fight.
    • Loriwen – Depends on the situation, but usually flight.
    • Aeldes – Entirely depends on the danger involved.
    • Brynleigh – Flight.
    • Adairia – If she is in a position of vulnerability, flight; if she has a chance, fight.
  10. Describe the character’s sense of humor. Does he appreciate jokes? Puns? Gallows humor? Bathroom humor? Pranks?
    • Tegil – Puns and wordplay are his favorites.
    • Osbeorne – Bawdy tales and bathroom humor, bring it on!!
    • Loriwen – If it’s a bad joke, she’s either made it or snorted a loud laugh at it.
    • Aeldes – She appreciates jokes if they are intelligent jokes…or at least decent ones.
    • Brynleigh – Bathroom humor is always funny, but ladies shouldn’t laugh at those jokes, so she pretends not to love it.
    • Adairia – She’s a very giggly sort, it’s easy to get her laughing.
  11. Does the character have any diagnosable mental disorders? If yes, how does he deal with them?
    • Tegil – No.
    • Osbeorne – He’s a little bit of a narcissist, but it’s not to the point of being an actual condition; more just very confident.
    • Loriwen – She has a slight short-term memory issue and seems scatterbrained. To compensate, she writes more notes to herself than before.
    • Aeldes – No.
    • Brynleigh – None she knows of. She does have a serious case of PTSD, but it’s untreated/unknown.
    • Adairia – No.
  12. What does he fear?
    • Tegil – Never finding the spark that takes life from enjoyable to intoxicating.
    • Osbeorne – He’d never admit it, but he is starting to worry about not finding someone to spend his life with.
    • Loriwen – Being alone.
    • Aeldes – Loss of choice.
    • Brynleigh – Being found.
    • Adairia – Not growing up to be everything she hopes.
  13. What are his hopes or aspirations?
    • Tegil – Deep down, he still wants to find his One True Love™ and sweep her away on an epic journey throughout the civilized parts of the world.
    • Osbeorne – Eventually expand his blacksmithing business to include jewellery and settle down with a nice woman to raise a family. Eventually. He’d also like to see the sea one day, and maybe even settle there if he finds it comforting. Oh, and learn a language. He wants to do a lot!
    • Loriwen – To find companionship, see her family in Rohan, and visit a proper Elf-city one day.
    • Aeldes – To help usher the Younger Races into safety, enjoy her time in Middle-Earth while she is able, and to take one of the last ships.
    • Brynleigh – To be safe and have a family again.
    • Adairia – To become so competent at midwifery that she becomes a pillar of the area, to find a lovely boyfriend to eventually marry, have four kids, and to see her brother reunited with her family one day.
  14. What is something he doesn’t want anyone to find out about him?
    • Tegil – He was once a fat kid that was picked on mercilessly.
    • Osbeorne – He loves painting. Flowers. All the canvases adorning his small shack are from a “distant aunt.”
    • Loriwen – She doesn’t really have any deep secrets.
    • Aeldes – Her parents were both casualties of the kinslaying, but they did not actually participate in it; she was whisked away and taken in by another family.
    • Brynleigh – It’s too painful to even think about, much less share with another.
    • Adairia – She and her best friend practiced kissing together, so they’d both be really good when they got boyfriends; however, unlike most typical movie/book plots, neither has feelings for the other.


  1. Describe this character’s relationship with his parents.
    • Tegil – He and his father have a mutual respect and understanding of each other, and do love one another. That bond pales in comparison to the one Tegil holds with his mother; he is a true momma’s boy (it’s a healthy level of attachment, though; he did head out to see the world and then settled in a different city).
    • Osbeorne – He and his parents get along very well, but the relationship with his mother is slowly becoming estranged as she continues to ask about settling down.
    • Loriwen – Very close with her father, who raised her. The two of them were nearly inseparable. Her mother died when she was still an infant.
    • Aeldes – They died centuries ago and her adopted kin left for the Grey Havens while she was recovering in Rivendell, but she was very close with and loves all of her family members deeply.
    • Brynleigh – None a’ your business. (Her words.)
    • Adairia – She has a very close relationship with her mum. She used to be a daddy’s girl, but after he kicked out her brother (who she worships), that bond cooled considerably.
  2. Does the character have any siblings? What is/was their relationship like?
    • Tegil – An older sister and older brother, with another older brother who is deceased. He and his sister Merileth are exceptionally close, and he writes to his remaining brother, Thurinon, more frequently now that Corunir is gone. They were all happy siblings who generally got along as children.
    • Osbeorne – One younger sister, of whom he is very protective. She begrudgingly tolerates it, if only because having a burly big brother that everyone loves tends to keep the cads from pawing at her.
    • Loriwen – Only child.
    • Aeldes – Only biological child, has one adopted sister. She and her sister were exceptionally close, and the letter her sister left behind for when she awoke from her healing was a lengthy plea to follow them back to Valinor as soon as possible.
    • Brynleigh – Only child.
    • Adairia – She is the youngest of three, with an older brother, Birch, and an older sister, Willow. She worships the ground her older brother walks on, and still visits him as often as she dares (risking her father’s anger each time). She and her sister also get along well, and Willow will often cover for Ada when she goes to visit Birch.
  3. Are there other blood relatives to whom he is close? Are there ones he can’t stand?
    • Tegil – He is close with all his blood relatives, and gets along with them well.
    • Osbeorne – He and his aunt have disagreements once in a while, and he doesn’t approve of her lifestyle (she’s a leatherworker who lives with several men and refuses to marry).
    • Loriwen – She has distant uncles and cousins up in the North Downs that she never sees or hears from, and family in Edoras, but she is not close with any of them.
    • Aeldes – N/A
    • Brynleigh – She can’t stand any of them, and is close to none.
    • Adairia – No others, really.
  4. Who is/was the character’s best friend? How did they meet?
    • Tegil – They had a very rough patch, and she is obviously deceased at this point, but Tegil still considers Nídhil his childhood best friend. He mourns her loss often.
    • Osbeorne – Frank! They met a long time ago, when Frank was just a little kid. Os took him under his wing as his brother.
    • Loriwen – Jessa. They met when both were little kids; Lori was in town with her Grams, selling eggs.
    • Aeldes – Her adopted sister.
    • Brynleigh – She has no best friend at the moment.
    • Adairia – Gale Moss. Their mothers were best friends and the two girls literally grew up together from the time they were infants.
  5. Does he make friends easily, or does he have trouble getting along with people?
    • Tegil – Cordiality, and friendliness are nearly ingrained in him, and he tries harder than most to be liked by all he meets.
    • Osbeorne – He makes and keeps friends easily. Most everyone loves Os!
    • Loriwen – She makes friends very easily, but is a bit too extroverted for some people. That can cause issues at times.
    • Aeldes – She makes friendly acquaintances very easily; making lifelong friends, though, that trust takes a long time to build.
    • Brynleigh – She tries to get along with people, but her social skills aren’t up to par due to her hyper-suspicion of everyone.
    • Adairia – She is generally friendly, but can be haughty at times.
  6. Is the character single, married, divorced, widowed? Has he been married more than once?
    • Tegil – Single. Almost engaged once.
    • Osbeorne – Single! Not happy about it, but not super upset, either. He’s enjoying his freedom while he has it, but looks forward to a real relationship, too.
    • Loriwen – Quite single.
    • Aeldes – Single.
    • Brynleigh – Single.
    • Adairia – Single.
  7. Is he currently in a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse?
    • Tegil – Nope.
    • Osbeorne – Nope.
    • Loriwen – Nope.
    • Aeldes – Nope.
    • Brynleigh – Nope.
    • Adairia – Nope.
  8. What does he look for in a romantic partner?
    • Tegil – Strength of spirit, the ability to see the whimsy of the world, honesty.
    • Osbeorne – Spirited, kind, smart, pretty.
    • Loriwen – She doesn’t really know; she believes she’ll know it when she sees it.
    • Aeldes – She doesn’t particularly pay attention.
    • Brynleigh – She has no idea. Survival is more important.
    • Adairia – Handsome, strong, brave, gentle, protective, romantic…
  9. Does the character have children? Grandchildren? If yes, how does he relate to them? If no, does he want any?
    • Tegil – He doesn’t have children, but when he weds, he would want to discuss having some.
    • Osbeorne – He relates to his nieces and nephews well, but has no children as far as he is aware. Whether it’s blood or adopted, he’d like at least a few once he settles.
    • Loriwen – She is still on the fence about children and at her age, it’s likely she won’t have many, if any at all.
    • Aeldes – If they happen, okay. If not, that’s alright, too. She has nieces and a nephew.
    • Brynleigh – Don’t even ask.
    • Adairia – She loves children! When she’s married and older, she wants four kids: two of each.
  10. Does he have any rivals or enemies?
    • None of my characters really have…rivals.
  1. What is the character’s sexual orientation? Where does he fall on the Kinsey scale?
    • Tegil – 2. He’s quite straight, but he can appreciate an attractive man.
    • Osbeorne – 1. Very straight, but he’s not completely oblivious to the attractiveness of other men.
    • Loriwen – 0. The thought of being with ladies has never even occurred to her.
    • Aeldes – 4. She is open-minded.
    • Brynleigh – Yet to be seen.
    • Adairia – Yet to be seen.
  2. How does he feel about sex? How important is it to him?
    • Tegil – Not until marriage. He holds it a sacred gift and trust, which he takes with the utmost seriousness.
    • Osbeorne – It’s fun! 😀 Important, within reason. It’s the kind of thing that can be taught over time, so there’s no reason to take it too seriously.
    • Loriwen – She’ll let you know when she has it.
    • Aeldes – It’s not really a desire she has at the moment.
    • Brynleigh – Leave me alone. (Her words.)
    • Adairia – It certainly sounds fun! She knows a lot of the side effects (with all her midwifery work), though, so she’s pretty aware of avoiding “the real deal.”


  1. Do you know your character’s astrological (zodiac of choice) sign? How well does he fit type?
    • Not only do I have no clue, I wouldn’t know the types anyway.
  2. Does this character have a personal code of morals or ethics? If so, how did that begin? What would it take to compromise it?
    • Tegil – He has a personal code of morals, and he holds them very dear to his heart. Much of it was taught to him by his parents, and it would take a tragedy of significant impact in his life for him to compromise on most of it.
    • Osbeorne – Be honest, work hard, drink harder, and always be a gentleman to women.
    • Loriwen – “I’d rather live with an open heart that is occasionally bruised than a closed one that’s empty.” That is the motto her father lived by and Lori takes it to heart as well. Nothing will compromise it, ever.
    • Aeldes – She holds the healer’s oath to protect and treat all. The only exception is evil, like orcs, goblins, or trolls; she will not help them.
    • Brynleigh – Stay alive.
    • Adairia – She’s learning the healer’s code of ethics as part of her training, but she has yet to subscribe to it.
  3. What prejudices does he hold? Are they irrational or does he have a good reason for them?
    • Tegil – He likes to think of himself as truly open-minded, but he has an ingrained prejudice against those of direct Harad descent; it was irrational, but then his brother was killed by one in battle. Now he feels it is justified.
    • Osbeorne – He’s typically subscribed to the more old-fashioned opinions on gender roles and spouse responsibilities, but he’s been slowly changing his mind.
    • Loriwen – She gives mostly everyone a fair shake right off the bat, but if you ever cross her or a friend (in a severe way), she will forever hold a grudge against you.
    • Aeldes – Dwarves; rational at the time, irrational now. She’ll be polite and trade with them, but doesn’t trust them at all.
    • Brynleigh – She equally distrusts everyone. Gender, age, nothing matters.
    • Adairia – Not much yet, no.

Daily Life

  1. What is the character’s financial situation? Is he rich, poor, comfortable, in debt?
    • Tegil – He comes from old, excessive money, but he’s smart about it. He occasionally invests in real estate, brokers merchant deals and lives lean (for Dol Amroth society). He’s very well off and gaining funds.
    • Osbeorne – Os is an independent blacksmith with his own forge and property; he’s pretty well-off. Wouldn’t call him rich, but he wants for nothing, especially in Bree-land.
    • Loriwen – She makes good coin with her woodworking, but lives a very simple life; she has a very, very large nest egg.
    • Aeldes – She trades services for shelter/food/clothing as needed. That’s all she really needs.
    • Brynleigh – Poor doesn’t begin to describe it. She is worried that winter is setting in.
    • Adairia – Her family is comfortable, but not well-off. They can live well with a small savings on the side.
  2. What are his eating habits? Does he skip meals, eat out, drink alcohol, avoid certain foods?
    • Tegil – He usually cooks for himself, always eats slowly, and never eats too much. Half of his plate is usually green vegetables. He does enjoy a good glass or two of red wine, however.
    • Osbeorne – Ale with a side of ale, please! And some good roasted meat for dessert. He is allergic to onions, though. It’s a really annoying allergy to have.
    • Loriwen – She eats with near abandon, but when in the throes of a great woodworking project, will often forget to eat.
    • Aeldes – She eats when she feels like it. Avoids all domesticated meats.
    • Brynleigh – Anything not rotten sounds good.
    • Adairia – She tries to eat dainty meals, but her big weakness is roasted potatoes. She’ll eat a whole bowl of them!


Which of the following do you associate with the character, or which is his favorite:

  1. Color?
    • Tegil – Red (Crimson dye in game)
    • Osbeorne – Light blue (no specific dye in game)
    • Loriwen – Bright teal/turquoise (Sea Blue dye in game)
    • Aeldes – Pale yellow (no specific dye in game)
    • Brynleigh – Pale orange and green (Ranger Green & Rivendell Green dyes in game)
    • Adairia – Pinks and deep red (Rose dye in game)
  2. Smell?
    • Tegil – Books.
    • Osbeorne – Metal, iron, sweat.
    • Loriwen – Cedar.
    • Aeldes – Leaves.
    • Brynleigh – Dirt.
    • Adairia – Lavender.
  3. Time of day?
    • Tegil – Dusk.
    • Osbeorne – Mid-day.
    • Loriwen – Her favorite is sunset, but I associate her more with the sunrise.
    • Aeldes – Midnight.
    • Brynleigh – Sunset.
    • Adairia – Afternoon.
  4. Season?
    • Tegil – Winter.
    • Osbeorne – Fall.
    • Loriwen – Spring!
    • Aeldes – Summer.
    • Brynleigh – Summer.
    • Adairia – Spring.
  5. Plant?
    • Tegil – Wisteria.
    • Osbeorne – Spring starflower.
    • Loriwen – Bright yellow gerbera daisy.
    • Aeldes – White orchid.
    • Brynleigh – Peach glow water lily.
    • Adairia – Lavender.
  6. Animal?
    • Tegil – Green-cheek conure. Small, curious, intelligent, and ever-brave.
    • Osbeorne – A big, fluffy family dog. Loves, plays, and defends others with conviction.
    • Loriwen – A puppy. Unpredictable, means well, loyal, loving, affectionate
    • Aeldes – A butterfly. Beautiful, gentle, and goes where the wind takes her.
    • Brynleigh – A puppy who’s been treated badly in the past, but just wants someone to love her.
    • Adairia – A sparrow. Driven, small, fast, and dainty.

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