The Sunshine: Seriously??

(This letter is under a read more because it’s full of profanity — Kim has very colorful language when truly angry.)


I’m going to fucking kill him! I’m going to march down there and punch him in his stupid face until he can’t see straight. What a gods-damned coward of a man. It was fucking Tom. Nellie’s scumbag joke of an ex. He fucking paid that guy to ambush me.

Mum locked me in my room. What am I, 12 years old again? She won’t let me go down there to have a chat with him. I keep trying to pick the lock, but the door won’t open anyways. I think she put the damned dresser up against it. Shit, how is she even strong enough to move that thing? I’m going to take a nap then try to push it open with my good shoulder.

(The letter abruptly changes handwriting style and the ink color seems lighter)

Okay, I passed out and didn’t finish writing. This morning, Mum and I went down there to talk with that absolute bastard. Well, to talk at him, I guess. What an asshole. He paid that guy to attack me because I’m too good a friend. Can you believe that? He thought he could scare me off from staying with Nellie.

Scare me off! He couldn’t even hire someone who knew how to take a punch and he thinks he can scare me from helping my friend. I am so fucking pissed, Frank. What kind of deranged idiot thinks that would work? Even if I did somehow decide that I didn’t want to be a good person anymore and just left, why would she get back with him anyway? It makes NO SENSE! You know what? Fuck that guy. Nellie told me at one point that he was a complete failure in bed, so take that. He’s literally and figuratively a limp dick. Now someone else knows, too!

I don’t know what’s going to happen to him yet, other than the fact that’s he rotting in jail right now, but I really hope they let me take a few swings at him first. Once my arm’s out of the sling, anyways. Ugh, I’m so angry. I just want to…punch something, but I also kind of want to just nap. Is that normal?

I miss you so much. I want to nap with you. For like a week. Nothing but sleep and reading and mead and more sleep. It got so bad that Nellie ran to your house and grabbed a blanket for me. She was probably tired of me whining about how I miss your smell. So I’ve got that with me now. Hope you don’t mind, it helps me sleep.

Keep safe, Frank. I love you so much and what you’re saying it’s like down there worries me. I don’t like not knowing if you’re okay until I get another letter. I keep wanting to find some sort of escort or boat passage or something and make my way over there. Anything’s better than just sitting here, not knowing. We could walk on that beach.


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