Writing Home: Dead People Should Stay Dead


Well, it was definitely drier. Probably too dry. Some crazy shit went down yesterday. We got word about Cardolan and someone trying to fix it all up. Made it real obvious it was a Wayfarer, too, so we went on to do that and get a token. Apparently it was some guy named Rennec. Real mercenary, that one. But hey, he helped us with a token and we helped cleanse that pile of rubble, so that’s right good for me.

Cardolan was, don’t act so surprised, full of dead things. Wights. Gaunt-lord. Fun stuff. Why can’t dead people just stay dead? I’m alright, don’t you worry none. Got knocked over and dragged around by some magic chains, but it’s nothing big. Bitra already cleaned me on up and gave me some bruise salve. You trained her real well, love. I know you were talking about not being sure you would be any good at it, but you are.

Oh, yeah. And that Cirieldis woman from Dol Amroth showed up. Apparently she can turn into a swan. She and some other swans ripped apart some of those wights. Never thought I’d see that in my life. Right weird, really.

I miss you all more than I can write. I’m not a poet or anything. So I sketched something real fast for Jaemy, instead. Don’t got time for painting, or supplies, but it’s a right nice view here and I thought she’d might like it.

Love you,


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