Writing Home: Swamps Stink


Did you know that swamps stink real bad? We had to go trudging through the swamps in the Lone Lands and it was awful. Apparently there’s some kind of earth-kin people and they gave us directions to go talk to a swamp-witch to get a token from her.

Hey, did you know that the Commander’s got another son? Well, I don’t think it’s blood relations — he’s half-orc. Anyways, he helped us get there. Man, that swamp-witch was ugly. Gave us some rabbit foot or something, so hopefully the trip wasn’t a waste. Told Oendir some weird prophecy about being successful helping Fionwe but not coming back from it. That’s probably a load of crap, though. She’s just mad because that half-orc kid threatened her into helping us.

Gonna take a day or two of washing my boots before they stop stinking.

Cor, I miss you so much, babe. Hope you’re all doing alright there. Don’t know where we’re off to next, but here’s hoping it’s somewhere dry.


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