Writing Home: The Old Forest


Ran across Eirikr this time, which was right nice. Well, except for where we ran into him: the Old Forest. Bugger spends more time in here than I thought he did, given how easily he just wandered right through it. He’s doing good, gave Oendir a small ring for his token… was real surprised to see that, but hey, considering I left my pendant up on Weatherhill, I don’t got much room to talk.

The Old Forest is a pain in the arse. We were wandering around looking for a big flower (the kids found it with Godric), but then the forest… put us to sleep or something. Was real weird. We all passed out and woke up all over the place, but good thing Sirifast and Oendir were nearby. Found them and we made our way back. Had to go past some big old tree. Oendir called it “Old Man Willow.” Stupid thing made Sirifast pass right out, falling into the water, but we carried him out. Don’t know why it bugged him so much, I didn’t feel anything.

The kids got leeched all over, seems like Gil got the worst of it. Bitra, too, but she kept them all together somehow. It’s real good Godric was with them. He and Eirikr got them out, and found that huge white flower. Thing was taller than me!

Drew a small picture of it for Jaemy. Tell her to imagine it’s as big as me, because it was. Miss you a bunch. Garrett’s an okay person to share a tent with, but he ain’t you. Really wish you could be here.

Love you,


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