An in-character journal and other various works of fiction, all set in the universe of The Lord of the Rings: Online. Clicking on their name will bring you to their category.

Osbeorne Brook – A native Bree-lander, born and raised in Bree-town. He is a well-known Master Blacksmith who is particularly talented at decorative wrought ironwork. After being inspired by some of his friends, he has decided to take up arms once more and join the Wayfarers. (full bio)

Bitra – A tall, lithe young woman with a piercing hazel gaze and near-permanent faint glower on her face. One would barely notice her at first, or even second, glance. She’s a relatively unknown entity unless you spent time in the shadier portions of Bree-town several years ago; then you may recognize her as a beggar girl who hung around the brothel in Stone Quarter, who disappeared mysteriously one day. (full bio)

Tegil – A man of Gondor who left the white walls of Minas Tirith to travel the wondrous places of Middle Earth before settling in Dol Amroth. Always humming a tune and taking time to literally smell the roses, he has a indomitable spirit that he often expresses in rather saccharine poetry. Will compose a poem about anyone, or anything, at any time or in any place. (full bio)

Kimberly Brook – A native Bree-woman, who has spent her whole life in the town of her birth: Bree-town. Her friends and family admire her fiery spirit and indomitable zeal for life but can get annoyed with her daydreaming and absentminded tendencies. (full bio)

Adairia Finch – A teenaged girl living in the village Durrow-on-Dunwash. She is a sharp and starry-eyed romantic whose main concerns in life are cultivating her circle of friends, continuing to learn more of her mother’s trade (midwifery), and enjoying life. (full bio)

Aeldes – An ancient elven woman of indeterminate age. She wanders Middle-earth, an odd, unforgettable character with ancient mannerisms and archaic speech that attempts to cheer any who cross her path. (full bio)

Loriwen Snowberry – A woman of the northern Bree-fields, now living in the small village of Stonebury. She is a woodworker of significant renown in Bree-land, a peculiar spirit that has never married nor tried to find a widower to court her, despite being “well past marrying age” — in her late 30s. (full bio)

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