Name: Bitra
Aliases: Cassaundra Eleanor Irving (birth name)
Race: Man
Age: 19 (as of 2019)
DoB: Cerveth/Afterlithe/July 13
Gender: Female
Heritage: Bree-land on her father’s side, Kingsfell on her mother’s side
Height: 5’10″ft/1.77m/17.5 hands
Weight: Approx. 125lb/54.4kg/8.5st
Hair: Warm brown hair that brushes her shoulders. It has a wave to it when not pulled back into a ponytail.
Eyes: Wide, oddly ambiguous hazel eyes (it’s hard to pin them down as any specific color).
Physique: While no longer malnourished, her figure will forever be willowy — her muscles are lean and while she has curves, they are sleek rather than voluptuous.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Faint/old scars, both small and large, lace across her arms and upper torso (conveniently hidden if long sleeves are worn). They also appear on her upper legs. Very faint, newer discoloration around her wrists.

Family: Only child to Clifford Irving and Moira Irving (née Finley), both deceased.
Spouse (or other romantic interest): In a somewhat-secret/scandalous engagement with Sirifast (not everyone approves of it, given their age and social differences).
Children: N/A
Friends: She has an oddly contentious friendship with Garrett; they seem to act like siblings who only get along half the time.
Adversaries: While not a true ‘adversary,’ Bitra clearly holds a grudge against Jessa.
Companions: She rescued a tiny hedgehog from being eaten by a fox and named it Iris. There’s also a wild bird who lives in a tree outside of Ravenhold who apparently decided she was their person (after feeding him a bunch); she’s named him Liam.
Reputation: She’s a relatively unknown entity unless you spent time in the shadier portions of Bree-town several years ago; then you may recognize her as a beggar girl who hung around the brothel in Stone Quarter, who disappeared mysteriously one day. Within the guild, she is known to be generally reliable, if somewhat sour and sarcastic most of the time. Those who spend time with her will notice that she has razor-sharp wit and always tries to help in her own awkward way.

Profession: Adventurer and healer in training. Being a member of the Wayfarers is her job.
Education: No formal education (was illiterate when joining). A friend has helped her learn how to read, and Varidia is teaching her the healing arts.
Hobbies: Jogging, singing alone, hanging out in trees, practicing her healing knowledge.
Special Talents: Her singing voice is, while untrained, exceptionally rich and beautiful. She also has a knack for woodsmanship.
Combat Training: Trained in the basics as a combat healer (and is continuing to learn more). Originally self-trained (poorly) with a dagger, she has become more proficient with it since joining the Wayfarers. She’s learned to dual-wield a sword/dagger, and she is now working on archery and blunt weapons.
Favored Attire: She mostly wears gender-neutral, unflattering clothes that get the job done in terms of hiding her modest curves. Occasionally she’ll wear something more form-fitting, but it’s usually one of her ‘stay inside all day’ days. She will only ever wear long sleeves and long pants, regardless of the weather.
Inventory/Keepsakes: She always wears a silver necklace with a small feather-shaped pendant, but it’s constantly tucked under her shirt. Recently, a beautifully crafted if simple Claddagh ring (white and grey stones making up the heart) can be found on her right index finger; if she knows she’ll be in combat, it will be found on her necklace chain along with the feather pendant.

General: A tall, lithe young woman with a piercing hazel gaze and near-permanent faint glower on her face. One would barely notice her at first, or even second, glance. She’s a very “fade into the background” kind of person; the most she’ll usually contribute when in a group of people is a dry comment here or there.
Personal Strengths: She has a very high level of pain tolerance, and Bitra is generally very strong-willed. Her will has been tempered through extreme hardship throughout her life but despite the abuse she suffered, she managed to maintain her compassion and kindness (even if she doesn’t know how to show it appropriately). Oh, and she can hold her breath for three minutes.
Weaknesses and Flaws: She doesn’t trust people well at all but once that trust has been earned, it’s difficult for her to balance wanting to maintain that connection and immediately assuming they’re going to turn on her and abandon her.
Personality Quirks: Despite being left-handed, she wields weapons as if she were right-handed.
Aspirations/Motivation: Survival has always been at the forefront of her mind; now that her father is dead and the danger is truly passed, she doesn’t know where she is going to go or what she is going to do. She will likely continue to stay with her friends and hope that they can travel one day.

Look-Alikes: Anne Hathaway (pic at top).
Voice: Her voice is soft and feminine, and she often uses a vocal fry on purpose to lower its sweet tone; when she truly laughs, however, it’s light and musical.
Speech: Despite being “a farm girl” who almost never left the house, her grammar is surprisingly good. She’ll occasionally use a lazy word here or there (dunno, gonna), but in general, she sounds like your average Bree-lander.
Song Library or Theme Song: Spotify playlist.