Kimberly Brook

Kimberly Brook

Alias: Kim, Kimmy, Kimby
Race: Man
Age: 26 (as of 2019)
DoB: March 12
Gender: Female
Heritage: Bree-lander
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Approximately 145 pounds
Hair: A light, carroty auburn; currently in thick, wavy layers that have begun to brush past her shoulders.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Physique: A sturdy frame, but decidedly feminine curves.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Freckles are scattered across her cheekbones and nose.

Family: Her father, Freddie, was a stocker in the Bree-town Auction House (he died years ago of natural causes). Her mother, Nattie, is a seamstress and purveyor of cloth dyes. Together, they had two children: Kimberly, and her older brother, Osbeorne.
Spouse (or other romantic interest): She and Frank were married on May 29 in [2019].
Children: None
Friends: She has several close friends, including her best friend Nellie Hale. The two grew very close when Nellie confided in Kimberly that her husband was being abusive, and Kimberly helped her through that.
Adversaries: As a kid, her main nemesis was Frank! She was always jealous of his bond with her brother, and the two became fast enemies. When they both hit puberty, they pretty much ignored the other in favor of teen romance with other people, completely losing track of their bitter, prank-filled feud.
Companions: None
Reputation: Her friends and family admire her fiery spirit and indomitable zeal for life but can get annoyed with her daydreaming and absentminded tendencies.

Profession: Creating and using dyes is what she seems to have her heart set on. It’s something she grew up watching her mother do, and Kimberly seems to have a knack for it, herself.
Education: She finished basic school and retained its knowledge well. She is particularly sharp on her numbers, honed by helping her mother keep the books for years.
Hobbies: She enjoys reading tawdry romance novels (mostly to laugh at them), cooking/baking (she’s a foodie), and sketching with charcoals in her spare time. And exploring local ruins (that are safe, of course).
Special Talents: She has a particularly well-honed sense of taste and a talent for combining odd flavors in a delicious way.
Combat Training: She doesn’t have any martial or weapons training, but she always wanted to learn how to shoot a bow. Os taught her how to throw an absolutely devastating punch.
Favored Attire: She loves dresses! Especially dresses that are form-fitting (but still appropriate) and highlight her pale blue eyes. She’ll most often be seen in light blue and purple dresses.
Inventory/Keepsakes: N/A

General: Kimberly is boisterous, giggly, and easily swept away by fanciful thoughts. At the end of the day, she’s a well-grounded young woman who knows where she wants to be and what she wants out of life, but she is prone to extensive daydreams. To those who don’t know her on a deeper level, she appears to be flighty or air-headed.
Personal Strengths: She has a big heart, and tries to help as best she’s able. Protecting those she cares about, despite all the odds, is what she lives for. Her sense of humor is wicked and her wit is sharp (if dirty).
Weaknesses and Flaws: If she gets it in her head that she’s holding a grudge against you, she can be a straight-up hellion. She often swears like a sailor when she’s not around family.
Personality Quirks: When she’s deep in thought, Kimberly will often absentmindedly run her tongue along the top of her teeth. Like Os, she is a very physically involved, teasing kind of person when socializing.
Aspirations/Motivation: To make sure that her big brother is happy, her mother is comfortable, and she finally proves she’s capable of being an adult in her own right.

Look-Alikes: Ann Laricheva, photographed by Zachar Rise, is a perfect look-alike for a long-haired Kimberly (see pic at top).
Voice: Her voice has a laughing quality to it, a warm and playful tone.
Speech: She has a lower-class Bree-town accent, much like her brother’s; it’s not quite as pronounced as his, but she still uses that lazier form of speech most of the time.
Song Library or Theme Song: Her philosophy on life could best be summed up with the song “Life” by Devin Townsend (video | lyrics).
Character Inspirations: N/A
Other Comments: N/A

Fanart/depictions of her: A commission done by the talented Carol G. of both Kimberly and the love of her life, Frank.