Loriwen Snowberry

  • Loriwen Abigail Snowberry
  • 39 years old [as of 2019], birthday July 9
  • Half Bree-lander, Half Rohirrim
  • 5’4″, lean with a runner’s physique. Golden-red hair with bright teal eyes.
  • A woodworker by profession; brewer and harp-player by hobby.
  • Rebooted character: Lori is a previous RP character who has been rebooted. Her backstory and personality remain much the same, but due to extenuating out-of-game circumstances, she is no longer married nor has children.



Loriwen Snowberry was born in Edoras, to Rojer Snowberry (a traveling wood carver) and Ceolwyn of Edoras. They left shortly afterward and ran into brigands. Ceolwyn, a shieldmaiden in training, fought them off while Rojer rode away with the baby. Sadly, Ceolwyn did not survive her injuries and Rojer continued on his way to Bree-land. He raised his daughter, along with his mother. Due to her mother dying well before Loriwen was weaned, she was fed cow and goat milk as a babe. This caused some developmental problems, and her nervous system did not develop properly. She has never had perfect control over her knees and feet – their reflexes are typically a hair off from what you would expect.

Loriwen (always called Lori) was always a bit of an outcast, with her apparent clumsiness, bright eyes, and weird hair color; most children were more apt to tease her than befriend her. This extended well into her courting years, as she became more interested in carving wood than finding a suitable husband. She was blissfully unaware of how many boys actually tried to gain her attention, and were unintentionally ignored. She always assumed they still just disliked her because of her features.

When her father died on her twentieth birthday, Loriwen was approached by a kind but a boring man named Aric. He offered to court her and protect her. Hurt that seemingly everyone felt she couldn’t support herself with her father’s trade, she declined and took off in a huff to the Shire. For an entire year, she drank and wandered around the Hobbit homeland; most of it is one pickled blur. When she returned, she took to cleaning up the farmhouse and settling in to make a name for herself as a wood carver. Over the years, people slowly began to realize that yes: this single maid could create works as precise and wonderful as her father! Eventually, orders came in because she was creating them, instead of because she was her father’s daughter.

Four months before her 30th birthday, in the spring, she contracted the plague that swept Bree-land after the devastating floods. She never quite recovered from it and her memory has been a bit dull ever since. She is slightly more scatterbrained than before but is none-the-less skilled with her carving knife. Lori’s woodworking is well-known throughout Bree, and these days she is able to pick and choose the jobs she would like to take.

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