Name: Tegil
Alias: Formerly known as Dínendir.
Race: Man
Age: 27 years old (as of 2019)
DoB: The 16th day of Nárië/Forelithe/June.
Gender: Male.
Heritage: Gondorian, specifically Minas Tirith.
Height: 6ft/1.8m/18 hands
Weight: Approximately 155 lbs/70 kilos/11 stone
Hair: Long black hair, typically cut slightly shorter in the front. If he pulls it away from his face, some tendrils will often fall back out.
Eyes: Dark blue-grey eyes.
Physique: Lanky, but sporting lean, toned muscle. Whatever training he’s been utilizing is clearly meant for speed and dodging rather than brute force.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: A small, round scar on his left temple.

Family: They live in Minas Tirith, a very wealthy and successful merchant family. His father, Gwainon, comes from a long line of merchants in the White City while his mother has been a scholar for her entire life. He has three older siblings, two of them deceased: Thurinon (eldest brother, died in the assault on the Black Gate), Corunir (died in a skirmish), and Merileth (sister, alive). Each of his brothers fathered two children while his sister gave birth to four.
Spouse (or other romantic interest): N/A
Children: N/A
Friends: He holds a handful of friends close to his heart, most of them from his time in Bree-land; he will often write them since his departure. Otherwise, he mostly interacts with business or scholarly acquaintances. He has become very good (actually platonic) friends with Feira over the past year or so.
Adversaries: N/A
Companions: He will often feed the gulls that gather on his balcony, but that’s the closest.
Reputation Around the City: Over the past several years, Tegil has become more well-known as a scholar and a representative for his father’s well-off merchant company. Many in the upper echelons of Dol Amroth society consider him an eccentric but ultimately harmless rich man, and he does very little to combat this image.

Profession: Representative/diplomat for his family’s company by day, scholar/poet by night.
Education: Extensive! The finest tutors in Minas Tirith that money could buy. He is as fluent in Sindarin that a man of no known Elvish blood could be. He also taught himself to cook and has been practicing the skill for years.
Hobbies: Writing poetry, collecting shells and other interesting trinkets on walks, and he is a fantastic self-taught cook (his loaves of bread are particularly wonderful).
Special Talents: Nothing of note.
Combat Training: Before leaving Bree-land, Tegil contacted an old friend with connections to the local guard and inquired as to basic defense training. He has continued this practice with a hired tutor in Dol Amroth and is now proficient in defending himself using light arms and armor. However, he always prefers to talk his way out of it, if he can.
Favored Attire: Red robes! Robes more than red, in truth. He finds pants and a tunic most uncomfortable and revealing. Robes also have more pockets. He loves rich jewel toned and crimson-colored clothing and wears them when he can.
Inventory/Keepsakes: He always carries a small book of Elvish poetry on his person; it is a gift received as a young boy, from his older sister.

General: He is tall, well-spoken, clearly educated, and holds himself with perfect posture. However, he has a clear eccentric curiosity of the world around him and he is prone to wandering.
Personal Strengths: He tries to focus on who a person is and not their situation (money, status, etc.). A staunch believer in the equality of everyone, and fiercely protective of those he loves.
Weaknesses and Flaws: He could be considered flighty at times, and he apologizes much too frequently – because he worries about how others view him.
Personality Quirks: Tegil is one of the first male feminists in Middle Earth – the outspoken variety, anyhow. It doesn’t always make him friends with some more traditionally-minded folks. He’s also discreetly meticulous about what he cooks and eats.
Aspirations/Motivation: He would like to finish his epic poem, untitled as of now and based on the world’s beauty as a whole, and send a hand-scribed copy to his family.

Look-Alikes: Ben Barnes with long hair. (Picture at the top.)
Voice: His voice is clear, with a pitch similar to John Boyega’s natural speaking voice.
Speech: His accent is distinctly Gondorian with a very strong lilt of Minas Tirith, but some words from the Bree vernacular have managed to worm their way into his normal speech (such as “aye”). He never consciously uses contractions, other than when surprised.
Song Library or Theme Song: When he’s in a particularly jovial mood, “What’s This?” from Nightmare Before Christmas is most accurate.

Born the youngest of four siblings to a wealthy merchant family in Minas Tirith. When Tegil was born, he was a quiet baby who never cried and thusly his parents named him Dínendir, “silent one.” As soon as he was able to speak and write, he was immediately placed with fine tutors. Because of this training, his vocabulary is large and he will often be found spouting words most don’t know; he is as fluent in Sindarin that a Man with no known Elvish blood can be.

The combination of his good spirits, honesty, and family’s good reputation on their level of the city gave him most that a young boy in a city could desire. He had a happy childhood, full of learning, love, and language (and many roughhousing sessions). His sister instilled a deep-seated love of poetry, reading her favorites to him at night.

As he grew into a young man in his own right, Dínendir found himself looking away from the walls more and more frequently. Never one to shirk his studies, he dove into them further in order to ignore the longing he had to travel. Reading of the wonderful and beautiful places in the world slowly grew to not be enough anymore; he wanted to see them. Still, he was the youngest and the most studious of his siblings. He knew his duty would be to stay home and marry well. While he played the game of courting and played it well, his first foray didn’t go too well. It ended up being a blazing – but chaste – fling with the young daughter of a chef.

After the brief but intense relationship’s flames fanned out, he looked to a more realistic person: one of his childhood friends, Nídhil. She was intelligent and beautiful, as well as a “good match.” Her father was a merchant in the same guild branch as his own father. He smoothly began their courtship by offering to practice kissing with her, for when they found someone to court. It was a comfortable if unexceptional match; neither of them felt the intoxicating or overpowering desire they expected to find in a life’s partner.

All throughout these months, his pangs for adventure and to see the world grew stronger and stronger. He finally took Nídhil to the side and asked her a frank question. This question was a pivotal moment in his life. “You know how much I long to travel. Would you come with me if I did?” She was not willing to leave the city, much less their country, and his decision was made.

His mother was all too willing to help her son plan his travels. The shadow in the East had grown darker and darker, and she wished for him to leave for safer lands. His father saw good sense in his youngest – and most charismatic – son heading into the world, as well; good connections could be maintained and perhaps new ones created. With both his parents’ blessing, Dínendir set out for Rohan and beyond. When he was away from the city proper, he renamed himself. He was not a silent person, and this trip was his first true test as a man. A new name was only fitting, and he chose the most fitting of all: Tegil. “Pen.” Over a year later, he found himself in Bree, a quaint town with interesting people and scenery he had not seen before.

Starting in the winter months in (2010), Tegil slowly began to fall in love with Ceswyn Oleander. Due to her monetary troubles, they agreed to keep their liaison a secret. Despite what they thought was careful hiding, their relationship ended up being discovered. According to his words, “a debacle” occurred: he was kidnapped and ransomed. The Wayfarers, helped by Cirieldis, managed to blackmail the leader and save him.

Approximately a year after his kidnapping in Súlimë/March of (2011), Tegil received crushing news from his family: his middle brother, Corunir, was killed during a skirmish with the Enemy, leaving behind two children and a wife. Tegil was too far away to make it home in time for the funeral and his mourning was made all the worse due to it. He always kept in regular correspondence with his mother and sister, but this now extended to his niece Arassiel as well. Bereft of her father, the young girl tries to write her beloved uncle every week.

After a lengthy and occasionally tumultuous courtship with Ceswyn, Tegil was rejected when he proposed marriage to her. Being shocked by the rejection, he reeled from heartbreak for a time. After some time to reflect and visit an old friend, he took up the traveling mantle once more. His travels took him to Dol Amroth and he found an odd and instant kinship with the city. After making acquaintances through both Nídhil’s family as well as his father’s connections, Tegil has made a name and a life in the seaside city, even having purchased a well-appointed seaside estate near the Harpers’ Court.

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