RP Prompts: At Rest

((The lovely and ever-talented Laenlis has inspired me to write of my characters resting on a cool autumn evening. It’s short, but it gives more glimpses into everyone. Plus, YAY WRITING!!))

The wind blew through a few cracks in the wall, making its way to the bed. Tegil pulled the covers up further, silently cursing himself for choosing the cooler months to travel north. It was an odd sensation, having his nose be cold but his body warm and snug. Every once in a while, he’d tuck his head under to keep it warm, but he’d quickly have to poke back out. Air was a rather important part of living.

His eyes darted around the room quietly, once again taking it all in. This was an oddly named tavern, The Prancing Pony. Seemed everyone around here called it the Pony. You’d think they’d get confused with regular ponies or some sort. At least the ale was tolerable, even if the food wasn’t. His thoughts were quickly interrupted with a rather heavy yawn. One that required his whole attention. Snuggling further under the blanket, he hoped it’d warm up soon.


Duinelleth flipped through yet more books, making notes in Sindarin on the piles of parchment that surrounded her. For a young Elf, she looked rather tired; actual bags were under her eyes. She hadn’t rested in days, but the books that Lady Celeve – er, the Master had sent to her were incredibly fascinating. She couldn’t believe the things she was learning about the fea. Why did her teachers not trust her with this? She could handle it. Fascinating, fascinating, fascinating! Stumbling across a particularly interesting chapter, she made herself yet another false promise: After this one, I’ll take a rest.


Eyes slid open quietly, lazily. Lori looked around, brow furrowed in confusion. How did she get – snore. An involuntary smile blossomed and she twisted around to face a bare shoulder highlighted by the moonlight. Tarlanc must have carried her to bed from her study. Not surprisingly, she fell asleep again. Working on Gislaf’s table was really fun work, since it didn’t have to be done for quite some time, and because it was for a friend.

Her smile was interrupted by a small yawn, and then slowly reappeared with a sleepy lilt to it. Shifting herself closer to her newly betrothed, she tucked her arm under his, holding him close. A final kiss to his shoulder and the murmuring of affection into an ear that most likely didn’t hear her through its slumber, and Loriwen drifted off immediately.

Loriwen: Defective

Loriwen stumbled blindly out of the healer’s hall, staring at her feet silently. Her cursed, cursed feet. Her cursed, cursed brain! What was she going to do?! Go home, that’s what. That’s what she was going to do. Go home.

She made her way, one step at a time. She watched both her feet carefully: left, right, left, right, left, right. Knowing what she now knew about her clumsiness, she didn’t know how she’d ever be normal again. When it was just bad luck, everything was fine. It was a joke! Aha, Lori fell over again! Aha, Lori ran into that doorway! What a clumsy, silly woman! But now…

Now she was defective. It was her brain. It didn’t talk to her feet right. Something was wrong with her. She was broken. What was she going to do? Every step she took, she consciously made the effort to keep it aligned with what she thought was the right spot. Left, right, left, right.

Everything had changed. She pulled her hand up to her forehead, wincing at the dull throb her head had obtained. Loriwen gingerly touched the bruise that no doubt already graced her forehead. Ah, the forehead that only mere hours ago held a normal brain. A forehead that only mere hours ago was fine. A forehead that only mere hours ago was being kissed by Tarlanc.

Loriwen stopped dead in her tracks.


How was she going to explain this to him? How do you look someone in the eye, and say “Hi, there! My brain’s screwed up?” How do you look someone you love in the eye and say that? What.. what was she going to do?! He knew she was clumsy, he didn’t care. He kissed her bruises – the ones about which he knew, anyway – and seemed to only care about her being more careful. But now…now things were different. Her brain was broken. She was damaged goods. Why would someone like him want to be with someone like her? He wanted children, she wasn’t even sure yet if she ever would. Especially after what she saw tonight. Pain, agony, tears. She didn’t want any part of that! But.. would he still want children with someone like her?

Loriwen’s eyes slowly filled with tears as the next thought dawned upon her.

What if it’s hereditary?!

Oh, no. What if … well, she never knew her mother! Maybe that’s why her father never told her about her mother! What if her mother had it?! Could … is that where Lori got it from!? Did she die from it? Is that why he never told her? So he wouldn’t scare her? Let her live blissfully ignorant until one day, she just stopped being able to function properly?

Panic quickly setting in, Lori sat down on the ground, breathing heavily. She looked up to the sky, eyes wide. She had to locate that Northern Star. She just had to. Where was it, where was it, where was … ah, there it is. The breath she didn’t know she was holding escaped her. Watching its faint but steady glow, she slowly began to relax. After a while, the cool but humid summer air began to stick to her skin and she sighed. Getting up very carefully, she straightened her body and wiped away the tears that had fallen in her descent.

Her eyes closed, she took a steadying breath. She could fall apart when she got home, but for now it was late. Outside of town proper or not, it wasn’t safe for her sitting on the road, crying. Logic dictating her movements, if not her thoughts, she began to move back toward Wildore. Left, right, left, right, left, right. Every once in a while, a small tear would make its way down a cheek.

I don’t want him to leave.