A Letter: Cooking

A letter arrives at the Jailhouse of Bree, addressed to one Miss Cynewynne Cook. The handwriting on the envelope as well as the letter itself is bold and flowing. It reads:

Dear Miss Cook,

I was told this was the most direct way to reach you during your times off the field. I have a rather unusual request, if you will be gracious enough to entertain the idea. I seek to learn to prepare food for myself. Given the many meals at which I was privileged to sample your craft at The Broken Cask, you were the first person to whom my thoughts turned in this matter. You would certainly be compensated for your time and knowledge, if you would agree to take on such a task. I look forward to any and all responses. May your day be bright and full of joy. And please extend my warmest greetings to your beloved, my fellow countryman.


Tegil, son of Gwainon, of Gondor

Yule-time Gifts!

Yule Gifts for All!

Well, not for all. For most that my characters know. They’re all described, if notes are attached, and the like. Happy Holidays and Yule-time to you all, ICly and OOCly. ❤


  • Tarlanc – “Having an official marriage ceremony counts, right? As a gift to each other? I mean, we’ve got to find tokens for each other and dress up and all that…”
  • Ian – Two small figurines. The first is a small male figure in a robe and with pulled back hair; a small detail that may take him some time to see – or not – is a teeny snakehead peeking out of the robe’s sleeve. The second is a borderline comical representation of Ian, mid-swinging dance step. Stained to a deep red color, both figures are small enough to hide in a pocket. A note attached simply says, “Now you both can be with each other all the time, one for each. – L
  • Helvia – A perfectly round baby’s rattle, with intricate nettles and honeysuckles intertwined in three carved rings around it. If she ever counts it, she may notice there are nine nettles and nine flowers per ring. The enclosed note says, “I counted 27 beans inside: three sets of nine. Very safe rattle! – L
  • Guradan – A small bundle of notes, wrapped with the rattle. There is no note, but his name is written on the parchment that holds them together. It consists of an accurate family tree of his mother’s side, along with a few notes of remembrance from those who knew the family well.
  • Gis – Chairs! A note is left in her friend’s mailbox: “I have two chairs waiting for you, they match your table perfectly! Don’t want to leave them in the snow, so come and get them whenever you’re able. – L
  • Rosie & Course – A lightweight wooden rattle, much like the one given to Helvia, only the decorations are roses and vines, two large rings instead of three; a small note says, “For the three of you. – L
  • Caraeglir – Wrapped in paper, a set of very authentic and sturdy hand-spades and other gardening tools, clearly imported from Gondor. For little Civrennil, yet another rattle covered in roses as well as a well-made wool hat.
  • Ceswyn – A sturdy stick, smooth and with a leather-wrapped handle. Attached to it is a small, stuffed mouse made of durable fur. A little note, “Hope you and Snowball enjoy!” is attached.
  • Nethali – Old and strong, a very nice smelling bottle of aged scotch.
  • Cynewynne – A large pair of incredibly bright socks; most (including Lori) would call them “in poor taste,” alternating waves of bright green and purple. Also a well-loved copy of some rather torrid poetry.


  • Ian – Two tall and wide candles, swirled purple and white; small flecks of silver and gold foil are folded into it.
  • Luned – Tall and slender candle, swirls of black and white. Small silver flecks of foil speckled throughout.


  • Ian – A hat and pair of gloves, very warm wool. Knit with two colors of yarn, one showing on each side. One color is a light lavender, the other a royal purple.


  • Daeline – A spicy, heavy loaf of traditional Yule-time bread from Sûri-kylä, along with a carefully knitted cap. It is both made with delicate and soft yarn and very stylish (even if very Lossoth-esque).


Wandering Poet: Snippets

Tegil inspects her for a few moments before turning his head to the moon. “The most beautiful sight I have ever seen was at night, on a full moon; south of here. I was walking along the road when I was overtaken by a scent. A beautiful smell, flowery and fresh. I followed it and ended up in a meadow. Upon looking around, I noticed one plant shining above the rest, white. It glowed almost as if it were silver. I immediately ran to inspect such a unique seeming plant. It was a flower, gleaming even more clearly than opal or any pearl. The full moon’s light gave it a luminescent quality unlike anything I had ever seen before. I stayed until the sun rose, and it seemed as if the flower hid from the sun’s rays. I have since learned the flower is called a primrose. They only bloom at night, and in the summer time. Yet ‘primrose’ does not accurately describe such glorious beauty.”


“As the moon lazily drifts across the sky, it allows us to take stock of what has passed us by; throughout the day’s busy and arduous tasks, to rest is all of us the moon does but ask.”


“Ah! Dear barmaid, permit me a poem before you take my order. Freckles dot your face like stars in the nighttime sky, and your hair glows red like a delicious strawberry pie! I would be honored if you would grace me with a wine, red, like your locks.”
“Behold! I spot a man dressed in hues of lavender! I wonder what a walk through his thoughts would render! You all should call me Tegil, as that is my name!”
“What a tall and courageous woman you look! And more than that, what a wonderful cook! What more talents lurk beneath that red hair? Perhaps you dance, unless I err?”


“Nay. You are as a rose, with many petals and layers; both beautiful and mysterious. Yet, you hide behind thorns for protection’s sake. I cannot blame you for being suspicious, but please.. do not belittle yourself.”