Duinelleth: Horses and Goodbyes

Duinelleth rubbed her eyes slowly, grunting at the already midday sun shining onto her. She couldn’t believe that she rested so long! Lady Celev – the Master was right in forcing her to promise she would rest instead of studying further. She felt better than she had in days.. maybe these humans were on to something with their style of bed. Sitting up and righting the tunic that has shifted in her slumber, another yawn forced its way out; a stretch that felt entirely too good accompanied it, making waking up a truly good experience. There wasn’t much better than waking up to the sun after a restful night. Not bothering to comb her hair, she just pulled it back and twisted it at the base of her neck to keep it in place. She bounded up and then trotted down the stairs. Time to feed Rîn!

Opening the door and squinting into the bright white of an unseen day, she grinned and bounced down into the grass. Scrunching with her toes, her arms spread wide and she spun around with joy. Such a beautiful day, full of possibility and wonder! After taking another long moment to stand in place and soak up as much of that wonderful sun as possible, Duinelleth made her way to the chestnut horse. He was a good beast, a kind beast. They were great friends, as all horses and horse-owners should be.

Her soft and heavily accented Sindarin floated on the air. “Rîn, my friend. I’m sorry I wasn’t out here sooner. I slept much too late, but I did need it.” She pet the horse quietly, reaching with her other hand for a handful of grains. As she slowly fed him, her mind wandered to the dream she had last night – a dream of a memory.

But surely you’ll want to take Hissael with you! He’s your horse.”

Lamaenon laughed brightly; she could tell he was trying to hide his sorrow. “My sweet Duinelleth, there is no where I would rather my close friend and horse be, than with my heart.”

A sad but determined smile broke across her face, and she reached up to caress his cheek. “I will be no more than five years, my dearest one. I promise. Even if I haven’t found some way to help, I will make my way to you. Nothing will stop me from finding passage once that time has come.”

I have your promise, then?”

You have my promise, my heart, and all my love. In five years time at the utmost, I’ll be boarding a ship that will carry me to you.”

That promise brought a true smile to her betrothed’s lips, and he turned his head to kiss her hand where it lay. “I will wait for you, then. But please, please.. take Hissael. He’ll be a help, and a companion for you. I know it.”

Duinelleth nodded quietly. “I will. But he will be renamed, for now. Until we return to you. I will call him Rîn, for until we see you again, we will constantly be remembering you. Now go, go.. don’t hold up the voyage on my account.”

He pulled her into his arms, determined to properly kiss her goodbye – regardless of who saw them.

Sighing and wiping away the tears that memory brought her, she opened her eyes to look Rîn in the eye. “We still remember, do we not?” A sad smile met the horse’s nose as she gave him a small peck. “It’s only been a few months, but that’s already a few months closer, no?” She lugged a large hunk of hay over for her beloved steed to feast upon, and patted him one last time. Duinelleth headed back toward the house, slowly; still caught up in memories of their goodbye.

I’ll never forget.

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