Bowmaiden: Damn.

((The story of Leuedai’s absence during the later part of the latest Wayfarer campaign in the Shire. Leuedai’s Hobbits were asked to assist some folk just south of Scary, and Leuedai asked permission to help them. As of when she left, all the Wayfarers had done was accompany a caravan and clean up the Smials, so it seemed rather harmless a request. Another installment, just over a fortnight later, coming up soon! This just seemed like an appropriate break point.))


Bright pain, sharp and searing, laced up her leg. Damn it all, why now? Why here? Why with them? Useless and nervous. Surprisingly – or perhaps not so – they refused to leave her. That figures. Too scared to brave what only an hour ago was a simple forest and river. Her pear-green eyes shifted to glare at the corpse lying no more than a few feet from her. It already stunk, both of evil and of flesh that began decaying before it even died. A warg. Somehow she managed to kill it before it killed her; not before it maimed her and probably made her a cripple, but she won in the end. That alone was something to be proud of, but just as she began to think that again, her leg gave her a painful jolt reminding her just how much she paid for that victory.

The girl Hobbit – Daisy, right? – was nervously eyeing Leuedai’s thigh again. The chewed one. She grimaced. Guess it was time to see just how bad the damage was…she half expected one or both of them to faint when they saw it. She pulled her pant leg up slowly; barely an inch at a time, pausing every time movement caused another wave of nauseous pain. The first sight she was greeted with was blood. No surprise there. She unceremoniously wiped it away with a purple sleeve, grimacing and letting out a low curse when the next sight she saw was jagged bone and what seemed like a completely detached – torn, really – knee. It didn’t look particularly reparable, especially when out here. There was no way she would be able to walk on it, possibly ever again. She’d have to wait for some strength to return before she could begin fashioning something for her to use for walking. Some sort of crutch.

“Oooh, gracious me! That dinnae be looking any good there, Miss Loo.” Daisy wrung her little hands and bounced from foot to foot with anxiety.

Lotho did in fact faint when he turned at his twin sister’s exclamation. Well, Leuedai thought as Daisy rushed to make sure he wasn’t hurt, at least I know the girl isn’t entirely useless.

“He will be all right. Can you help me bind this?”

After another hesitant lookover of her brother, Daisy nodded. “Aye, I’ll be helpin’ ye.” She bravely walked over and began to help rip lengths of cloth from Leuedai’s sleeves.

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